custom home builderWhen you are looking for a custom home builder to help you build your dream house, there are some important characteristics that you need to be looking for. However, apart from searching for the best traits, there are 10 red flags that you also need to watch out for.

  1. The custom home builder asks for a sizable initial deposits or down payments before they start working on your custom home.
  2. The custom home builder does not provide any written contract. In case they do, what they present is a poorly written one.
  3. The builder offers a price that is seems too good to be true. In most cases, the state price is way lower compared to the other bids you have received.
  4. The builder cannot provide a clear work history.
  5. The Myrtle Beach custom home builder cannot or will not give a complete estimate.
  6. The builder depends mostly on allowances for their final bid.
  7. They use high pressure sales strategies.
  8. There exist several unresolved claims from the Contractor’s Board.
  9. The builder cannot provide proof that he or she has insurance.
  10. The custom home builder says your house, once built, will be used as part of their marketing strategies, and that is why you will be provided with a low rate.

A few other red flags include the builder’s inability to provide references. In case they do give you a list, there is no way for you to verify if they exist. If the builder does not want to provide you with evidence for workers compensation or insurance for general liability. Finally, the custom home builder provides you with a lump sum or an estimate that is too general and lacks important details.

Searching and choosing the best custom home builder for the construction of your dream custom home can be quite difficult and even awkward in some cases. However, you are on your way to making a huge investment so you have to be sure and confident about your decision. You have to do your homework and fully understand the procedure. If you do all these, you will surely enjoy the rewards by having a beautiful home that is built according to your specifications.

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