custom homeIf you are a homebuyer, one of the most important decisions you need to make is determining if you want to purchase an existing house or have a custom home built. Others will tell you that it’s better to go for an existing home. However, they won’t mention anything about the advantages of choosing to build a custom home. So, to shed some light on this matter, listed below are five of the best reasons why it is better to go for a custom home.

Style of the Custom Home

If you are looking for a house in a specific area, existing houses may not have the design that you want. A certain area may have houses featuring a transitional design but what you want, for example, is a classic style home. What’s great about a new construction is that it’s easy to find an existing community or development that provides the style you like. With a custom home, you don’t have to settle for aesthetic features you don’t want.

Fully Customized Home

It seems pretty obvious, but a custom home is exactly what its name suggests. The house will be tailored according to your specifications, tastes, and wishes. Once it is done, your house will be just the way you want it. Chances are, in case you purchase an existing house, there are at least some things you would like to change. But this won’t be the case with a custom home Myrtle Beach. It is going to be built from the ground up and there’s a lot of value in that.


Purchasing a house that was constructed a year ago means you don’t have any idea what materials were used. If you construct a custom home, you will work closely with the custom home builder. You will know exactly what kind of brick was used, choose the flooring, and what kind of roof will be installed. You will get to decide the most energy efficient windows you wish your home to have.


A lawn could add a huge value to your home. But it can also be a liability. In most cases, established houses have bugs, impacted soil, and other issues that will cause the lawn to devalue the entire property. If you build a custom home, you will get to design your own lawn. You can plan the hardscaping and landscaping, build an irrigation system, and create your own outdoor space.

Interior Paint and Trim

With a custom home, you’ll get to decide what paint you want each room to have. You’ll also choose the interior trim and molding that you feel is best for your rooms.

At Dawol Homes, you are guaranteed to have a house that’s built according to your needs and preferences. Our team of custom home builders will be with you from start to finish.

Call Dawol Homes now if you want to start building the home of your dreams.

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