custom home builderWhen it comes to home building, you have to make a lot of choices and the process isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to determine where you would like to build your custom home and how much you can afford for the project. There are several other decision you need to make like the color of the walls, and the features you’d like your home to have. Aside from hiring the best custom home builder, you have to understand the top home trends these days. This will give you the opportunity to add more value to your home and create the best living situation.

Social Kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen has evolved tremendously. This area used to be a private spot inside the house. Only family members could enter the kitchen and visitors can only stay in the living room and the dining room, which are all formal spaces.

With the open floor plan, the overall design of the house has changed tremendously as well as how people socialize inside the house. These days, the kitchen has become the core of various activities at home and it has created what we call now as the social kitchen. A lot of mid-priced houses don’t have a formal dining room. They usually have an open kitchen or a breakfast nook. You can create a division between the dining and cooking space by having a short set of stairs. However, the general activities at home is centered on the open kitchen space. Entertaining can also take place in the open kitchen space. You can add a TV and you can place the appetizers in the island. The kitchen can become a place where people can talk and eat.

When creating a social kitchen space, it’s best if it can be used for different purposes. Don’t forget to tell your custom home builder Myrtle Beach about it. You should also consider counter spaces, appliances, and other areas that could serve several purposes.

Custom Home Trends

In-Law Suites

The country’s population is aging and there are more households that have become multi-generational. These days, there’s one multi-generational house in every five American households. It means aging parents have moved into their daughter or son’s house. To provide parents some privacy, several homeowners have decided to ask their general contractor to create in-law suites. This could be a home addition or a remodelled garage that comes with a private entrance.

If you want your home to have an in-law suite, you need to know what your parents need. Do they have any accessibility challenge? What would be their future needs? Don’t forget to consult with a local government. Some allow the construction of an in-law suite but others have certain limitations on the design.

Bold Colors

Whites and grays are the most common color of the interior of many homes. But the color schemes these days have moved towards brighter tones. The color looks great in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Olive green, champagne, mango, and terracotta are extremely popular colors these days.

You should choose colors that do not only look great but also fit your personality. In case bold works, then you should run with it. But you can also stick with conventional colors if you like.


Quartz have become a popular building material and many homeowners are telling their custom home builder Myrtle Beach that they prefer it over granite and marble. Quartz is a combination of resin and natural quartz. Homeowners like the minimal maintenance it requires and the availability of different colors and styles. Quartz is a combination of some of the texture of marble and the durability of natural stones. It is a famous material that is used for countertops in the kitchen as well as sinks.

Ask your custom home builder beach if you need help in deciding the texture, pattern, and color of this building material. You need to work with your custom home builder and supplier if you wish to find the best material.

Smart Homes

Companies like Google have found ways to make automating new houses more affordable. Systems could now be added to adjust the security, lights and temperature of your home. Some of the features could even be adjusted using your cellphone or desktop. The objective here is to cut back on the costs and get better control over the functions of your home.

About 32% of the houses will have some kind of smart technology added in 2020. Both younger users and baby boomers are getting this new technology.

More Outdoor Living Space

The line that separates outdoor and indoor spaces has started to blur. The American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey revealed that many homeowners are embracing outdoor space. A lot of them would like to have a screened in porch so they could eat and relax on the deck for the most part of the year. Gazebos and outdoor kitchens have also become more popular. Outdoor living space can add value to your home and increase the amount space that is inhabitable.

Home Offices

More people are working from the comfort of their home thanks to the rise of the gig economy and telecommuting. The US Census Bureau said that there’s a 5% increase in the number of people who are working from home. The National Homebuilders Association estimated that one in five Americans are now working from home.

If you are thinking of adding a home office, make sure you consider the available space and your needs. Some convert their bedroom into an office while others prefer to have a separate home office. Talk to Dawol Homes if they have floor plans that include a home office.

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