custom homes Myrtle BeachWhile custom home additions can be a great way to increase living space and increase the value of your home, they require careful planning and execution. Additions can be a difficult project to do yourself, whether you are adding to or making changes to an existing home.

Custom home additions can devalue your home. It’s best to hire an experienced custom home builder. Consider the purpose of the custom home addition and how it will be used. Also, consider technical details such as the zoning restrictions and budget.

The purpose of a custom home additions

How do you feel about adding a new feature to your custom home in Myrtle Beach? Are you looking for more space? Or are you looking to make your home more efficient? You should think about how you will use your new addition as well as the purpose of the space when adding it to your home. You should also consider how you will access it and how traffic patterns will be through it. Add appropriate storage and other features to make the space more adaptable.

Custom home additions can also be considered that go up not out. Sometimes it is cheaper to add a second story than to extend a room. You may also be restricted by zoning rules from adding space to your home. A second story is exempted from these restrictions. A professional designer and home builder can help you plan a space that suits your needs and your home’s layout. They will also help you determine what your energy and utility usage will be.

Preparation of Custom Home Additions

Your home will also be affected by custom home additions. To prevent dust and debris from getting into your home, prepare for construction by covering and storing furniture. If you are remodeling an older house, it is important to be aware of the dangers of asbestos and lead. These substances can slow down or stop the process, increase your budget, and cause delays.

Your daily life can be disrupted by custom home additions. You may lose your water or power temporarily. Make arrangements to move somewhere else while construction is underway, or adjust expectations as the work progresses. An experienced home builder will minimize disruptions and make the process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Zoning and custom home additions

Before you start work on your custom-built home addition, make sure to review your home’s zoning requirements. This includes how close your home is to other structures and property lines. Zoning laws will dictate what you can and cannot build on your property. You can avoid having to modify plans mid-project by checking all applicable ordinances, zoning regulations, and other legal documentation.

It’s a good idea to check your insurance policy to ensure additional square footage is covered by your existing coverage. If necessary, you may need to adjust your plan for your custom home additions. A professional home builder will help you navigate the zoning restrictions and add to your home legally while still meeting all of your needs.

Budgeting for custom home additions

Unexpected costs can occur, which could cause an increase in the budget. If you are looking to cut costs in some areas, make sure to include the expected materials. To keep your budget in check, prioritize your needs and wants for the space. If you have to cut costs, the less important items will be eliminated or made more affordable. Remember that increasing the square footage of your home will result in higher energy costs for heating, cooling, and powering it. These increased costs could have a significant impact on the cost of your home in the long term.

Trust your custom home builder and communicate with them about any issues that may arise during the construction process. They will also help you to find cost-friendly options if you are faced with unexpected costs. You’ll be more likely to stay within your budget and stick to your schedule if you have a clear plan.

No matter how small or large the addition, adding on to a home can be stressful. Dawol Homes is a trusted custom home builder who has a background in architecture and design. Call us now.

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