10 Lessons Learned On a Custom Built Home

custom built homes myrtle beachIt started out as a Saturday afternoon spent looking at model homes. But it soon became a commitment to build a house. My husband and I became a couple of “looky-loos” over the course of one year. It’s now a humorous anecdote that we share with our friends and family. But, it was a different story. The best thing about hindsight is that it’s always 20/20.

We were young and had all the energy, but that didn’t stop us from falling for some of the pitfalls when we built our new home. Would I change my experience? No. What if I had to change the number linen closets in my house? Absolutely. Yes. After more than a decade living in our custom-built home there are certain things that I wish I knew back then.

Lessons learned about a custom built home

1. Your schedule should be a guideline.

The build took over a year. Our optimistic contractor initially gave us a shorter timeline and we expected to complete the project in nine months. Although I believed it was a strict schedule, it was actually a guideline. The timeline was not within our control due to bad weather, scheduling issues, and building problems. I wish I had understood that the schedule was subject to all contingencies. Understanding that your ideal home building schedule might not work out is a key aspect of what you need to know.

2. Plan for your future.

My husband and I were just 21 and 25 years old, and we weren’t very experienced. We could not even imagine how life would be with children when we designed our home. However, it was true that we had three children in the span of 10 years. Things that worked well for us as a couple without children are not ideal right now. While we designed our home with the “right now” mindset, it would have been more beneficial to think about the future in five or ten years.

3. Before you move in, finish.

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to remember that you are ready to move in when the work is done. If you’re unable to move in due to the delay caused by plans for finishing your bonus room or landscaping your backyard, it might not be as important. It would have been so much easier to finish everything before we moved in, since the last few items took literally years to complete. It’s easier to complete projects now if you have contractors than to pay them later. Get all the little jobs done before you go to bed each night.

4. Make sure to plan for storage.

custom built homes storageNobody gets so excited about planning their storage space. The master bathroom finishes and choosing the cabinetry details get the most attention. However, I would bet that homeowners would prefer more storage space to a deeper tub. I wish I knew that storage is prime real property in a home. Although planning for storage may not be the most exciting aspect of the building process, it can have a significant impact on your organization and lifestyle. When designing or building a home, keep this in mind.

5. Contractor research.

Before he could even set foot on our property, we hired a roofing contractor. Rookie mistake. He ran off with the money and we never heard from him again. We didn’t do enough research on all our contractors and we regret it. Although we were lucky in some cases, it was clear that we should have sought out reviews and referrals before entering into business with contractors. It would have saved us both time and money.

6. Sweat equity is the king.

My husband enjoys telling houseguests stories about how I grouted our tile when I was nine months pregnant with our first child. Although I felt it was cruel and unimaginable punishment at the time, now I appreciate the hard work we put into our home. This was not only a cost-saving strategy, but it also helped speed up the process. We were able, instead of waiting for contractors and having to work with them on the schedule, to do some of the work ourselves. While you should leave some things to the custom built home professionals (no self-plumbing please), don’t be afraid of helping out where you can.

7. Fixtures are worth the investment.

When building a new house, it was difficult to decide where to spend money. There were many trendy items that I would have preferred to spend money on. For example, decorative pillows. But in the end it was worth investing in fixtures. These fixtures are the ones that will stay put no matter what you do to your house. We have been able to change the finishes and colors without needing to do major repairs or make major renovations by investing in better-quality fixtures.

8. Go neutral.

My husband and I would probably agree that the dark green is our greatest design regret. We used two-toned paint throughout our house. The bottom was dark, mossy, and the top was neutral. Although the beige has lasted beautifully, we have already painted over it. While it worked for a while, redecorating was difficult. It would have been better to choose neutral colors and change accents than use a single color throughout the house. I don’t know how much primer we spent, let alone paint to fix our mistakes.

9. You will spend your money.

We were able to get a construction loan which covered the major items. We didn’t consider the costs we would have to pay out of our own pockets. We could make bank draws to pay the foundation and drywall. But trips to the hardware store to buy screws and sandpaper on the dime really added up. A contingency fund to cover construction costs would have saved us a lot of stress, as we look back.

10. It can be stressful, but it is rewarding.

custom built homesAll you have heard about building relationships is true. It’s a common joke that building a home together will not cause marital problems. Building is more than choosing a home. It’s a constant tug-of-war of needs, wants, and compromises. When you are debating about floor layouts or fixture finishes, it is easy to let stress get to your head. It’s much easier to see the real value of your home – one that you love, can grow in and enjoy. You can compromise on other options if you pick your three biggest building issues. My husband and I often discuss building again. We’ve learned so many things that it won’t be as stressful the next time. There’s something special about living in a home you have built from scratch paper. It’s full of memories and life. The rewards of building your own home are not for the faint-hearted, but those who are willing to do it can reap the immense rewards.

The bottom line

It might seem daunting to build a house. It can be a rewarding experience for your family if you plan for the long-term, and put in some effort. With some flexibility, planning is key. Don’t forget to allow for plenty of storage. Trust me.

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New Construction Custom Homes And Why They Are Better

new constructionYou can buy a house that’s already built and you don’t have to worry about anything. However, going down this path leaves you with little to no options when it comes to customizations. You just have to live with what you have or wait until you have the money to remodel later on. On the other hand, if you choose a new construction house, you are basically opening up the door towards boundless possibilities. You are not stuck with the same boring design as everyone else in your neighborhood. If you are into building a custom home, this article will give you all you need to know.

Choosing a builder

Builders of residential homes are split into two categories. One is a production builder and the other is a custom builder. Both builders can offer a certain degree of customizability. A production builder can lay out a number of floor plans. You can mix and match the various design templates that you wish to add. However, the options end there.

When it comes to a true custom home, you should hire a custom builder. They can also offer a library of floor plans of which you can choose from. However, they can also work with custom designs made by an architect of your choosing. The custom home builders Myrtle Beach could also build the home entirely off of your preferences. Design-wise, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to custom home builders.

Design and location

As for customizing your home, you should consider two factors namely design and location. When it comes to a custom design for your home, consider how much input you want to have in the overall design. You do have to consider the fact that you might sell the home one day. Will your design be an advantage when it comes to selling your home or will it be a deal-breaker?

Things to consider when hiring a custom home builder or production builder

Their reputation with local banks and suppliers

When it comes to building new construction homes in Myrtle Beach SC, the builder must have a good relationship with banks and suppliers in the area. A healthy reputation among local entities is a sign that the builder can commence and complete any project without any problems.

Their experience in the industry

When choosing a home builder, always check how many years they’ve been in operation. Experience is a major factor when it comes to building houses. You can’t easily construct a new home from start to finish without enough experience. Even seasoned builders can sometimes run into some problems.

The credentials that the builder holds

Aside from experience, you should also determine the type of credentials the builder holds. The custom home builder must have all the necessary credentials to be able to erect homes in given areas. An experienced and reliable builder like Dawol Homes has all the necessary credentials.

Experience building in your designed area

When choosing a custom home builder, pick one that has enough experience working in the area you want. This will be important when it comes to logistics and the overall flow of the build.

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