Myrtle Beach home builderYou have to deal with two things first before you start building a house. The first one is getting all the building regulation approval and determine if planning permission is required. More than likely, you may require both. In some instances, you may manage to get away with only requiring the building regulation approval if your planned extension is within a specific limit. So before you go hiring a Myrtle Beach home builder, there are a few things you need to deal with first.

Approvals You or a Myrtle Beach Home Builder Needs To Obtain

The Area

If the area where you plan to build an extension will use up more than half of the original space of the garden, then you need to have a planning permission.


Be ready to get planning permission when the height of your extension is over thirteen feet high and within two feet and size inches of the boundary regardless of the section of the boundary.

Conservation Area

The environment will always come first and preserving what cannot be replaced easily is important. Any building extension within an area of unmatched natural beauty needs permission.


This is an important factor in any type of construction. Any addition to a home that is higher than the highest section of the roof the house will need to approval of planning authorities.

Listed Building

As part of the cultural heritage and supported by the National Trust, you need to obtain consent for any listed building. As a matter of fact, extension works on any listed building will need as many as five types of consent based on the complexity and extent of the house extension.

First of all the planning permission must be obtained regardless of how small the project is. The listed building consent is required if the listed building will be modified or demolished. If for some reason the building is part of a history monument, then a specific type of consent is also needed. Finally, even though not expected among homeowners, you may require advertisement consent. This is only required if advertisement and signs need to be installed on the building. For those who would like to take on such a project in building an extension on a listed building, you’ll be pleased to know that for getting consent for works on the listed building that there’s a significant concession available in that the cost of changes to the listed buildings utilized as charities or as private residence are zero rated for VAT.


Any part of the extension that will go beyond the main wall of your custom home facing a highway or that’s less than sixty five feet from a highway needs planning consent.


In case the extension will be an independent dwelling home then get a planning agreement first.

The most notable and obvious reason for building a home extension is to create extra living space. But whatever your reasons are, be sure to get the required and appropriate approval first. Don’t forget to hire a reputable custom home builder to help you with your project.

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