custom homeWinter is just around the corner and once that is done, spring comes next. It is the season that brings warmer weather as well as new life. But for other people, spring is much more than that. It is also the best time to begin the construction of a new home. Basically, it is the ideal season for completing building constructions faster without having to deal with several delay so you can move in to your new home sooner. If you are planning to build a custom home, listed below are some of the reasons why spring is the best time to begin. 

Custom Home Building 

More Daylight

When the summer solstice hits in mid to the later part of June, we begin moving back to winter. What that implies for your home building project schedule is that nighttime slowly falls much sooner as the day gets much shorter. By beginning the project during spring, your team of custom home builders can make the most of their time thanks to more sunlight during the day. However, it’s not only more sunlight that can help you finish your new home on time.

Not Too Hot or Too Cold

If you wait too long to begin the construction of your custom home, weather conditions and temperatures may start to become extreme for builders. In case the conditions become to challenging to work in, you may have to deal with some serious delays to your schedule. The harsh summer storms and heat waves as well as the snow and ice during winter can become unwanted hindrances to finishing your building project on time.

Residing in a humid place likewise needs consideration regarding how higher percentages of humidity can impact your home construction. For instance, certain materials like paint and concrete will require longer drying and curing period during the summer season because of more humidity. The increase in heat and moisture will also raise the possibility of wood warping as well as mold growth on site, which could lead to further delays.

For optimal building, cool and dry spring weather is always ideal. When you begin the construction earlier in the spring, the framing, foundation, and exterior of the house must be finished before the weather becomes too hot. Then your concentration can be shifted to finishing interior aspects in the summer.

Winter Planning Weeks

The important thing when it comes to staying on schedule is to avoid wasting time at all costs. Starting your building project in the spring lets you make full use of the colder months leading up to the spring season for planning your custom home building project. During this period when construction is expected to be more challenging, you can finalize the floor plans with the designers and architects and choose the lot. When spring comes, your team of custom home builders can start working.

Having a design build firm at your side like Dawol Homes allows you to streamline construction. Instead of spending weeks obtaining bids from different contractors, you can save a lot of time and effort by employing a single design build firm that manages and houses all the contractors and designers you require to turn your dream home into reality. Since all sectors work together, it is way easier to prevent construction problems by dealing with and fixing them during drafting. With correct planning, this team can finish a large amount of home building in the spring months.

It’s Time To Change

Spring lets us start anew after the cold winter months. Why don’t you start over by building the custom home Myrtle Beach that you’ve always dreamed of?

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