custom homeIn the past, most homebuilders believed that if they can’t get the roof on before the first snowfall drops, then they have to wait for spring to come. That’s no longer applicable today. Winter home building is possible plus it offers several benefits for both the homeowner and the custom home builder.

The uncertain economy also had a significant effect on construction practices. During the boom years, custom home builders poured foundations during the fall season because the weather was nicer, and they were sure to sell the houses later. These days, the demand is much lower and cash is tighter, so they’re waiting for homebuyers to order what they really want. Contractors who used to take winters off are now very much happy to have jobs including those who specialize in renovations and additions.

Building a Home In Winter

Frigid Conditions

Most trades including custom home building could be done in all but the sloppiest and coldest weather conditions, however, they also have their limitations. Daylight hours are much shorter plus the crews don bulkier clothing so they move much more slowly. Extra measures should be taken to prevent ice damming, broken pipes, as well as other infiltration issues. Shingles stick better during warmer weather. Don’t worry too much about pouring asphalt.


What is important is that the house is covered with vapor barrier and you have temporary heat because everything could be done inside. The exteriors can be done once the temperature are in the 30s as well as high twenties as long as you don’t have to deal with ice. Snow is the least concern because it is much easier to tarp snow compared to tarping rain just to make sure that everything is kept dry.

Higher Costs

Building a custom home during winter may or may not be expensive. The cost will be affected by the custom home builder. Some firms may offer discounts to make sure that their team always have work. Other companies may charge a premium because they will be working in the cold.

Some home builders charge between $5,000 and $10,000 for working in the cold. The additional charges may also be used for additional work like ripping the frost out of the ground and importing clay or topsoil if the materials have become unstable. It could also be used to purchase a different mix in the concrete in order to handle the colder weather.

You might also want to wait. But that would cost money as well. If you have a property in October and you want to start in the spring then you have to carry the cost of the property for that amount of time and sitting on a permit can be quite costly.

Some homebuyers prefer a winter construction because their custom homes Myrtle Beach will be finished earlier in the year. They can have their families settled in and their kids can start making friends before school begins.

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Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Custom Home

custom homeIt is possible to design a home from scratch. There are so many possibilities and opportunities. A custom home allows you to design a space that is just right for you.

Custom built homes aren’t always rainbows and unicorns. It can be difficult, even for those who are experienced in the process.

Here’s some insider information to help you find great people and avoid costly landmines if you are thinking of breaking ground or building from scratch.

Things To Do Before Building A Custom Home

1. Date around.

The most important decision is who you hire. Not only is the quality of work important, but so is character. Building journeys can be bumpy because of a lack of trust and understanding between the client and the custom builder. Make sure you are comfortable with the person you hire and the process for the new home construction. Talk about the goals: budget, schedule, and outcome. Also, talk about how to resolve problems if they occur. These include budget overages, severe delays, and the quality of the work. It is best to be on the same page about the worst-case scenarios in order to avoid frustration and falling out.

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The Difference Between Semi-Custom And Custom Homes?

custom homeCustom homes, as their name suggests, can be customized completely. The design of your home is entirely up to you, from where the light fixtures are placed to how many closets you want to have.

You will need to choose a lot for both semi-custom and custom homes in Myrtle Beach. Once you have your lot, you will work with your architect and a custom home builder to build your dream home. People who have a clear vision of what they want and aren’t stressed about making decisions can enjoy custom homes.

Semi-Custom Homes Vs. Custom Homes

They are also great for people who are patient. These homes take longer to build and are more difficult to handle especially if someone misses a deadline, or if an unexpected event occurs during construction.

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Renovate or Build A Custom Home

custom home builders myrtle beachAre you unsure whether to renovate or build a new custom home? This is the biggest question homeowners face when designing the home of their dreams.

The first step in building your dream home is to understand the pros and cons of each option and find reliable custom home builders in Myrtle Beach.

Why renovate?

Homeowners who love the home’s structure and location are big fans of renovations. You can enhance the elements you love about your home with renovations.

If you’re renovating a historic home, whole-house remodeling can be a good option. You can improve the functionality of your property while keeping its historic features intact. You have more options to expand the floor plan or improve the structural integrity of your home.

Why build a custom home?

You should consider building a custom home if it is impossible to maintain the structural integrity of your house. You can even tear down your existing structure and build a new home on the same property. A custom home is an option for those who are open to design freedom. You should hire a reputable custom home builder to help you out. 

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custom homeHome buyers and custom home builders tend to assume that new home building is best suited during warmer months like summer and spring. Several people think cold temperatures and harsh weather are the sources of delays and complications to the building procedure, however, the notion that winter is a worse time to construct a house is just not true. As a matter of fact, there are many distinct advantages to beginning building in the colder months.

Custom Home Building During Winter

Shorter build times – the average custom home in Myrtle Beach will take about nine months to build from beginning to end. However, starting during winter could trim down the time frame significantly for different reasons.

First of all, the number of houses is much lower so the construction teams could devote more time to each house and complete a lot of them faster. The different experts and contractors who will take part in your project will not be as busy in the winter season. The building permits would take less time since only a few people are applying during this time of the year.

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Want To Build A Custom Home? Here’s how to get started.

custom homeIt’s not easy to make the decision to buy a home. Even if you have been saving for years, you still worry about whether it will be enough or if you are ready. While we understand that it can be difficult to get your custom home built, with some planning and preparation you will find that the process is much less daunting than you think. These are some tips to help you get your custom home-building project off the ground.

Custom Home Construction Tips

First and foremost, find a place to live

This is a step most people overlook. You must first have somewhere to live. This decision is largely influenced by the size of the family and how much money you have. While some people would prefer to stay in their current home while the new home is built, most people don’t see this as an option. It is more sensible to sell an existing home and put the proceeds towards a new house. This is a great way of saving money but it doesn’t answer the question “Where to live?”

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Building A Custom Home Isn’t As Difficult As You Think

custom homeGraduating college and getting a degree will make it possible to purchase your dream house. It is an important part of your life to buy land and build your dream home for your family. You will spend most of your time in your home, so it is important to plan and execute flawlessly, and that includes considering whether you want a custom home.

Although building a custom home can seem daunting, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Despite the fact that it is time-consuming and can lead to stress, there are many benefits.

The final step in building your dream home is to design the layout. You won’t have to go through multiple home inspections to determine if there are any problems with the house you buy.

These are just a few of the things you should know before you start your journey to building the perfect home for you and your family. This blog will provide information on the things that you should consider before starting to build your dream home.

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful city and many people call it home. It is an enormous undertaking to buy and build a house. When building your dream home, there are some things you should keep in mind.

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Phases of Building A Custom Home

custom home buildIf you want your custom home Myrtle Beach project to go as planned, you need to put up the required legwork upfront. Additionally, you will be making several decisions from the start so you can get what you want. Listed below are crucial phases involved in building a home. Be sure to pay close attention to all these things to ensure that building your home will go as smoothly and as fast as possible.

Steps Involved In Custom Home Construction Myrtle Beach

Choose A Lot

Before starting the custom home construction process, you have to find the perfect lot. This does not just involve the location but the layout of the land as well. Among the considerations you need to make is how you’ll manage to lay the foundation. In the event the lot you pick is on a hill, features a certain kind of soil, and so forth, you have to ensure that the builder can build the house you dreamed of on this kind of property and materials he needs to do so. The Dawol Homes team can help you find the perfect lot.

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custom homeDo you have a new home floor plan that you love or perhaps you have land that will inspire you? Or perhaps both? There’s a specific type of home building just for you.

In case you are dreaming of designing a brand new home that will take full advantage of the distinct geography and scenic views of land that you like, then you are a good candidate for a build on your lot.

Home building on your own lot may sound like an expensive prospect, but you can be assured that new houses could be built on your land or lot across a range of budgets. Here are four steps to help you get started.

Pick Out A Starting Point For Your Home Building

The process of home building Myrtle Beach on your lot can start in any one of these four places.

The land you love – if you own a land or inheriting one, then you are one step ahead of the dreaming stage. In case you have not found that perfect lot yet, you could work with a real estate agent who has a specialization in purchasing land or contact a home builder who could assist you in finding the perfect spot for your custom home.


With an architect – based on your budget as well as the level of customization that you are searching for, you could hire an architect to convert the ideas from your wish list to a blueprint.

With a floor plan – the internet can provide dozens of firms that sell floor plans that you could bring to a custom home builder Myrtle Beach for inspiration or tailor made for your land.

With a custom home builder – the majority of homebuilders provide their own floor plans that you can have built, with its design followed. You could customize the design as well but that would be based on your custom home builder.

Study Your Land

The next thing you have to do in building your own home on your own land is for you and your home builder to work with a civil engineer to ensure that you are adhering to the rules for the jurisdiction where your land is located.

Customize The Floor Plan

Then customize and design your house so it fits your lifestyle.

Find Out How Long It takes To Build on Your Lot

Constructing a new house takes between four to six months when your custom home builder Myrtle Beach has already built your floor plan, however, it could take much longer when you are having a totally new design built or if you want an extensive customization. So, in case you’ve got a certain time frame for your move, you are much likely to be better off with a semi custom design instead of a completely custom designed house.

Determine How Much It Costs To Build On Your Own Lot

The cost of building a home in Myrtle Beach on your lot will depend mostly on the custom home builder that you choose, however, as a general rule, more customization means more money required.

If you are all set to start on building a home on your land, call Dawol Homes now.

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7 Reasons To Get A Custom Home

custom homeIt is an exciting and personal experience to build a home from scratch. Although it might be tempting to purchase an existing property and move in right away, a custom home will reflect your personality, your lifestyle, as well as provide the support you need. There are many compelling reasons to build a custom home.

1. Tailored for your life

A custom home allows you to modify, add, or remove any existing features of a traditional house. There are no two families alike. Therefore, it is important to get to know your family before a builder can design the space that suits you. The owner of a custom-built home can collaborate with the builder to decide all aspects, including layout, materials, and finishes.

2. Never again move

Your custom home is flexible enough to accommodate your growing family. It is a time-consuming and costly task that can disrupt your life. Custom homes Myrtle Beach SC are a great option for families with young children, especially if you have a vision of the future.

You will be able to enjoy your home for many years if you put in the effort to build it. For the future, you might want to add bedrooms or play areas and have a yard for your children to enjoy. Your beloved family home will last longer if you choose high-end furnishings and fittings.

3. Built to fit your budget

Custom homes are not always a cost-friendly option. By choosing to build your own home, you can actually spend less money and get the features you want. Many homes that are off-the-plan include extras you wouldn’t choose, or existing homes have rooms that the owners want to renovate. You want to work with a trusted custom home builder who will help you make the right decisions from the start.

4. There are no corners to be cut

A custom-built home creates a special relationship between the owner and builder that is difficult to achieve with properties on the market. You have control over the entire process and can participate in all decisions.

Properties off the plan can be known for using low quality finishes and cutting corners in order to save money. Older homes may have hidden problems beneath the surface such as faulty wiring or plumbing that has not been maintained properly over time. You can rest assured that your new custom home will be in top shape.

5. The ideal place

If you are looking to enter the market in a specific area, but are not satisfied with existing properties, custom building may be the best option. There is a lot of competition for properties that have been sold at auction. If the right property comes along, it might be difficult to find one. Blocks of land are generally more in demand than established homes, which can make it a great way to jump the property queue.

6. Living energy efficient

For families looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still living an eco-friendly lifestyle, custom homes are the best choice. A custom home is able to make use of the latest green building technology and innovation, unlike traditional, established homes that are limited in their options. A custom home will also take into consideration the unique characteristics of your land to maximize the views and passive heating and cooling possibilities.

7. Invest in your Future

Because of their unique appearance and higher quality control, custom built homes tend to retain their value more than those built from plans. Homeowners who work with a builder will see a greater return on their investment when they sell the home.

Custom homes offer unique perks for you and your family to enjoy. Call Dawol Homes now and we’ll help you build your dream home.

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