custom homeIn the past, most homebuilders believed that if they can’t get the roof on before the first snowfall drops, then they have to wait for spring to come. That’s no longer applicable today. Winter home building is possible plus it offers several benefits for both the homeowner and the custom home builder.

The uncertain economy also had a significant effect on construction practices. During the boom years, custom home builders poured foundations during the fall season because the weather was nicer, and they were sure to sell the houses later. These days, the demand is much lower and cash is tighter, so they’re waiting for homebuyers to order what they really want. Contractors who used to take winters off are now very much happy to have jobs including those who specialize in renovations and additions.

Building a Home In Winter

Frigid Conditions

Most trades including custom home building could be done in all but the sloppiest and coldest weather conditions, however, they also have their limitations. Daylight hours are much shorter plus the crews don bulkier clothing so they move much more slowly. Extra measures should be taken to prevent ice damming, broken pipes, as well as other infiltration issues. Shingles stick better during warmer weather. Don’t worry too much about pouring asphalt.


What is important is that the house is covered with vapor barrier and you have temporary heat because everything could be done inside. The exteriors can be done once the temperature are in the 30s as well as high twenties as long as you don’t have to deal with ice. Snow is the least concern because it is much easier to tarp snow compared to tarping rain just to make sure that everything is kept dry.

Higher Costs

Building a custom home during winter may or may not be expensive. The cost will be affected by the custom home builder. Some firms may offer discounts to make sure that their team always have work. Other companies may charge a premium because they will be working in the cold.

Some home builders charge between $5,000 and $10,000 for working in the cold. The additional charges may also be used for additional work like ripping the frost out of the ground and importing clay or topsoil if the materials have become unstable. It could also be used to purchase a different mix in the concrete in order to handle the colder weather.

You might also want to wait. But that would cost money as well. If you have a property in October and you want to start in the spring then you have to carry the cost of the property for that amount of time and sitting on a permit can be quite costly.

Some homebuyers prefer a winter construction because their custom homes Myrtle Beach will be finished earlier in the year. They can have their families settled in and their kids can start making friends before school begins.

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