custom homeDo you want to know if you are better off building your dream custom home or buying an existing one and renovate it according to your specification? Your situation is different from others. But despite that, there are still several reasons why a custom home built by a professional home builder is better than recreating a house that already exists.

Why Build Your Own Custom Home?

Have your own dream custom home. If you ask a custom home builder Myrtle Beach to build your home from scratch, you will be able to design your own dream home. You can make the house just the way you like it and make sure that it matches the individual priorities and needs of your family.

There are no skeletons in the closet. An existing house is commonly old and requires renovation, which means more money. Generally, when you purchase an existing house, you have to change the plumbing as well as install a brand new kitchen and so on. These costs will add up and before you know it you are already facing thousands of dollars worth of expenses.

The location matters. Several homeowners think that they cannot afford to build a new home in the place of their choosing and could only select from the current housing stock. But the truth is there are several small to medium custom home builders who can build a new home for you in the place you want at a price you can afford. The building techniques they use differ from those who build homes in volume, which are granted access to more challenging lots.


New and well built homes with minimal maintenance required. If the existing home is old, more maintenance will be required regardless if you want to take on these tasks on your own or if plan to hire someone else to do the job for you. These tasks include dealing with antiquated hot water systems, roofing, decking, and more. If a good custom home builder constructs a new one for you then you don’t have to deal with any of these problems.

Orientation. You can decide on the orientation of your home so that it matches your land and you can maximise the location for both sunlight and view.

Save money. If you manage to maximise the orientation of your house and build according to that plan, you will save lots of money in your ongoing costs of living.

New houses are built better. New custom homes are built much better as it follows improved building standards.

If you have your own check list to think about, you have to take some time to consider looking beyond the differences in feasibility and cost. Building new doesn’t have to cause financial issues if you know how to find the right home builder. And when it comes to ongoing expenses, quality and comfort, as well as your freedom to bring your dreams to reality, building your very own house is the best and most satisfying solution.

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