custom homeDo you have a new home floor plan that you love or perhaps you have land that will inspire you? Or perhaps both? There’s a specific type of home building just for you.

In case you are dreaming of designing a brand new home that will take full advantage of the distinct geography and scenic views of land that you like, then you are a good candidate for a build on your lot.

Home building on your own lot may sound like an expensive prospect, but you can be assured that new houses could be built on your land or lot across a range of budgets. Here are four steps to help you get started.

Pick Out A Starting Point For Your Home Building

The process of home building Myrtle Beach on your lot can start in any one of these four places.

The land you love – if you own a land or inheriting one, then you are one step ahead of the dreaming stage. In case you have not found that perfect lot yet, you could work with a real estate agent who has a specialization in purchasing land or contact a home builder who could assist you in finding the perfect spot for your custom home.


With an architect – based on your budget as well as the level of customization that you are searching for, you could hire an architect to convert the ideas from your wish list to a blueprint.

With a floor plan – the internet can provide dozens of firms that sell floor plans that you could bring to a custom home builder Myrtle Beach for inspiration or tailor made for your land.

With a custom home builder – the majority of homebuilders provide their own floor plans that you can have built, with its design followed. You could customize the design as well but that would be based on your custom home builder.

Study Your Land

The next thing you have to do in building your own home on your own land is for you and your home builder to work with a civil engineer to ensure that you are adhering to the rules for the jurisdiction where your land is located.

Customize The Floor Plan

Then customize and design your house so it fits your lifestyle.

Find Out How Long It takes To Build on Your Lot

Constructing a new house takes between four to six months when your custom home builder Myrtle Beach has already built your floor plan, however, it could take much longer when you are having a totally new design built or if you want an extensive customization. So, in case you’ve got a certain time frame for your move, you are much likely to be better off with a semi custom design instead of a completely custom designed house.

Determine How Much It Costs To Build On Your Own Lot

The cost of building a home in Myrtle Beach on your lot will depend mostly on the custom home builder that you choose, however, as a general rule, more customization means more money required.

If you are all set to start on building a home on your land, call Dawol Homes now.

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