new homeDo you want to find your dream home, but aren’t sure where to begin? Why not build your dream home instead of buying a house? Here are some great options for building your new home.

You can find the new home construction style for you by looking at the unique characteristics of these ten houses, from the craftsman to the contemporary farmhouse to the cape cod, and other details.

New Home Designs To Choose From

The Quintessential Craftsman.

Craftsman houses were inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which was established in the late 19th century. These homes have a covered front porch and large overhanging roofs eaves. They also feature multiple wide windows and partially-paned doors.

The Timeless Ranch Home

Although the Ranch-style house was first developed in the United States, it reflects the laid-back lifestyle of the 1960s. However, they were built in the early 20th century. This home is known for its large footprint, close to ground level one-story profile and open floor plan.

Ranch homes are built on slabs, these types of ranch homes are most common in California. However, there are also full basement ranch homes that can be found in the Midwest. The ranch home has a low, long roofline, with brick, stucco, or wood for the exterior. Neutral colors are most popular among homeowners.

The Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse is the perfect combination of the cozy and inviting style of the traditional farmhouse with a modern touch for an updated look.

The modern farmhouse has a structure that evokes the traditional farmhouse. It comes with facade that’s gabled, along with gabled roofs and a large porch at the front or back.

The modern farmhouse has an open floor plan. It features neutral colors, rustic accents and vintage-inspired lighting.

The Classic Colonial

Colonial architecture was first introduced in 1600, where there were many variations due to the variety of early American settlers.

Colonial houses are known for their striking symmetry. They feature evenly spaced shuttered Windows. These homes are rectangular or square in shape and have a door at the center, which has the same number of windows reflecting on each side.

Dormer windows on the roof and stylish columns at its font entrance highlight the colonial’s formal appearance.

The Cool Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary custom built homes are often confused. However, they are very different. Contemporary homes are architectural styles that were popular in today’s market. Modern homes are styles built in the 1960s. Contemporary homes can have a variety of appearances and designs depending on what the homeowner is looking for.

The Magnificent Mediterranean

Because of their distinctive and elegant exteriors, Mediterranean homes are immediately noticeable in any neighborhood. These homes often have red-tiled roofs from terracotta and siding made of brick or stucco, which is often painted white. These homes also have carved doors, intricate metal details on windows, metalwork on the windows, and wrought-iron front doors.

The Refined Greek Revival

Inspired by Greek architecture and democracy, the Greek Revival style home was popular in the US during the 1830’s as well as again in the 1940s.

These stately homes, often painted white to mimic expensive public buildings made of white marble, have tall columns and an exterior painted with plaster. They also have a symmetrical look and shape. These homes, which are often found on estates, are often gable-fronted in the Greek revival. They typically have two to three stories and are typically gable-fronted.

The Courtly Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses were built in 1600 and took their inspiration from British thatched cottages. Modern cape cods have steeper roofs and larger chimneys because they are most often found in the

Northeast has harsher winters. Cape cods feature windows that flank their front doors with dormer windows at the top floor. They have a charm that matches the coastal town they are found in.

The Noble Tudor

Because of their distinctive appearance, Tudor homes can be easily identified. These homes are a revival in medieval and post-medieval styles, which were popularized between 1600 and 1700. Because tudor houses are similar to homes that can withstand cold weather, rain, and snow, they are more common in the north of the United States. You can ask your custom home builder Myrtle Beach SC if you want to have this type of home.

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