custom homeSo, you’ve finally made the decision to build your dream custom home. But do you have any idea where you should start?

It may seem like taking on the huge project of building a custom home as daunting. Don’t worry. Dawol Homes is here to help. Below is a guide that can give you an overview of the process involved.

Consider These Things Before You Build A Custom Home

Before you get too excited to build your custom home, there are some basic things that you need to address:

Create a budget

You have to know how much you can afford. Determine how much you can spend to build the house that you want, where and what designs you want to include.

Determine the timeframe

Just like everyone else, you want to have your custom home built as soon as possible. Is there a specific date that you would like the construction to finish? What other factors would you like to be taken into account to determine your preferred timeframe?

Find the right property

The location for your custom home is important. So be sure to know where you want to build your home.

Essential House Plans You Need To Consider

Create a house plan that will define your wish list, goals, and must haves. Be sure to get this started before you hire a custom home builder. These experts can assist you in refining your house plan the best way that fits your budget, family needs, and personality. Custom home builders are well trained and highly skilled to know what’s possible and how this could be incorporated into your ideas and create a house plan design that’s effective and functional. Here are a few things you need to remember:

  • Dream big. Make your house as unique as possible. Create big ideas at first. With the help of your custom home builder, adjust these ideas to fit the right timeframe, zoning, land, budget, as well as other realities.
  • Create a list including a “Must Have List,” “Wish List,” and “Don’t Want List.”
  • Make a vision board of what you like and do not like. You can start with websites like Houzz and Pinterest.
  • Do you like separate spaces or an open interior design?
  • Do you dream of a single-story house or a multi-story custom home? If it’s the latter then what do you want the first floor to have? How about the second floor?
  • What features do you want? How many rooms do you need? Should your new home have a custom home office? Or perhaps a media room or children’s playroom? How about a laundry room and a home gym?
  • How would you like to arrange the rooms?
  • How do you want to arrange the rooms in your custom home?
  • Which among these rooms are most important to you? How would you prioritize them?
  • What about the floors? Do you want to have tile & stone floors? Or would you rather go for hardwood flooring? How about carpeting? What you do you wish to do in what room?
  • Make sure that you rank your desired features according to its importance.
  • Make sure that you are prepared for anything that’s unexpected. Anything can happen. So make sure that you always have a backup plan.


Important Considerations

  • What are your preferred widths for the hallways?
  • How many electrical outlets and switches do you need? Where will they be placed?
  • Do you need ceiling lights?
  • Which way would you like your doors to swing?
  • Would you like to have things that are Energy Star certified?
  • Make sure that you have both natural and artificial light
  • You should have enough storage for all the things you own.
  • What’s your preferred interior design?


What are your kitchen wish list?

  • Where do you want your big appliances to be placed?
  • Do you prefer to have an island in your kitchen? What will you put in your Butler’s Pantry?
  • How much counterspace do you need?
  • Do you need a wine and beer storage?
  • Do you want a wet bar?
  • Do you wish to have a charging hub for tablets and phones?
  • Do you wish to install lights under the cabinets


Great Room Considerations

  • What features do you want your great room to have?
  • What are your specific entertainment needs?
  • Will your kids have a separate playroom? Or will they also use the great room area?
  • Will adults have a work and play space?


Bedroom Considerations

  • Add enough outlets in the room
  • Make sure the bedrooms are placed far away from noisy areas.
  • Are the bedrooms connected to a bathroom?
  • What features will the master suite have?


Hopefully, these checklist have made you think of the most important things for your custom home. Make sure to work closely with your custom home builder Myrtle Beach.

Call Dawol Homes now if you are looking for a reliable custom home builder in Myrtle Beach.

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