custom home buildersNow is the time to move forward and build your custom home. The only problem is who are you going to hire to build your home. You have to  decide if you will build it yourself or hire a general contractor to do the job. Or will you look for a custom home builder?

The vast majority of custom-built homes were not built by homeowners, but rather with the help of a general contractor or custom builder. Which one should you choose?

General Contractor vs. Custom Home Builder

Before you make your final decision, it is important to understand the role of a general contractor and custom home builders in building your home. You can then make an informed decision and start drafting your house plans and project logistics.

To build home plans, a general contractor may hire subcontractors. Although they might not be experts in new home construction, they have connections with other home contractors. These relationships with general contractors can help you hire the best for your home’s different areas.

The general contractor acts as a general manager for a team of athletes and will gather the talents after the bidding period. They will ensure that subcontractors work within the specifications and they are accountable for completing your project on time.

However, custom home builders in Myrtle Beach can take on all aspects of the job, including drafting and construction. Custom home builders are sometimes called a design-build company. They have all the necessary resources to build a custom home. They usually outsource only licensed tasks like wiring your home or installing an HVAC system.

The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Custom Home Builder

If you are looking to build your dream home faster, with less hassle, lower costs, and a better finished product, consider hiring custom home builders to help with the design, construction, and maintenance of your home.


The bidding war is one of the most frustrating parts of working with a general contractors. Once you have the house plan designs, your general contractor will present them to subcontractors for their best bids. Many homeowners find design-bid-build appealing. You can save money by selecting the one that offers the lowest bid.

However, the company that the offers the lowest bidder might not be the best. It can be difficult to find subcontractors who are willing to pay fair prices and have the experience and skills you need. This can delay construction for several months.

Once you have your house plans, don’t you feel ready to start? Construction can start quickly with custom home builders once plans have been drafted. Without spending hours searching for the right contractors, you can get complete and affordable home construction services.


A custom home builder can offer you one point of contact. Your general contractor will not have to coordinate with other contractors. You can simply communicate your ideas to the custom home builder, and they will coordinate for you. This reduces your liability.

If they are able to manage subcontractors properly and have good relationships with them, a general contractor can provide similar effective communication. It is difficult to find a general contractor who has the ability to communicate and manage well. The entire project may be delayed if they lack the necessary management skills.


All parts of the project will run more smoothly under the guidance of a team made up of custom home builders. Floor plan designers and architects work together with the construction team to make sure that the plans don’t clash with actual implementation. This ensures a smooth home-building process which results in better quality and lower costs.

General contractors as well as custom home builders are capable of building a home that you will love. With a trusted team of home builders, you can avoid delays in construction and communication issues.

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