custom built homesMany modern houses are constructed with energy efficiency in mind. If your custom built home is designed and constructed well, they can prevent energy loss and provide savings on your energy bills in the long run.

Working with an experienced custom home builder Myrtle Beach can help make sure that your custom home is constructed with top quality materials, is energy efficient, and meets your needs. Here are some tips if you want to build a home that is energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Custom Built Homes

Use effective insulation

Effective insulation is among the tips you need to consider when you want to have a custom home. It plays a crucial role in its energy efficiency. A home that’s properly insulated will prevent drafts, which will retain your heating and cooling efforts inside your house for maximum impact. Also, it prevents the moisture and the air outside from coming inside your house. This will help regulate the temperature inside your house and let your HVAC system to work efficiently to keep a consistent temperature. Aside from that, insulating and wrapping your hot water pipes could help your water heater work more efficiently.

Seal the joints and the ductwork tightly

Joints and ductwork throughout the house are known for causing energy leaks. They are important for proper ventilation, too. If they’re sealed poorly, the air will leak from them. Improper or poor ventilation could also be a consequence of poor installation or design and cause further energy loss.

These lack of sufficient ventilation and air leaks are the major causes of energy loss. It will make it much harder to regulate your home’s temperature. Consequently, your HVAC unit need to work much harder in order to compensate. And you will most likely see your energy bills rise because of it.

Choose energy efficient windows

Using energy saving and high performance windows can assist in sealing out extreme temperatures while making sure that moderate temperatures are kept inside. They are more expensive because the quality is much higher, but, as time goes by, they could assist you in providing savings on your energy bills.

Add ceiling fans in your major rooms

Ceiling fans can assist in the circulation of air throughout a room. They could also be used to regulate as well as keep the temperature consistent. It’s crucial to remember that they’re only ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

Add solar panels

Solar panels could be installed on a house and used to cut the costs of your heating and cooling bills for the years to come. Even if you need to dip into using power from your utility provider, solar panels can supplement your energy usage and offer savings that you’ll enjoy.

Use the right window treatments

Window treatments provide an excellent efficiency option while boosting the visual appeal of your new home construction. For windows that are facing the south, you should go with blinds and drapery that will filter the light in the summer so that the heat is reduced. Cutting back on the light during this time of the year will also lower the possibility for the color of the carpets and furniture to fade.


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