custom home buildersYou have decided to build a home. This is great news! There are so many options when it comes to personalizing your dream home, and you can choose a custom-built home. But did you know that your custom home builders may also be delayed in completing the new home construction?

Preconstruction homes can be stressful. This is especially true if the completion date keeps moving back. Many people find it frustrating not knowing when they will move into their new homes.

Understanding the causes of delays is half of the battle. Once you have a better understanding, you can plan what to do in case they occur.

Custom Home Builders: Common Causes of Delays

Although everything would be perfect, delays are a part of most home-building projects. There are many factors that can cause delays, from permit issues to supply chain delays and workforce shortages.

These are the five most common causes of delays based on our experience and our customer’s experiences.

1. The buyer does not have financing.

Buyers might find that they are not financially prepared after going through the prebuild process. Like buying an existing house, there are many factors that influence your financial health when financing a new home construction.

2. The buyer does not have land.

Buyers can have problems even if they own the land. This is because buyers don’t take the necessary steps like due diligence and zoning. Take a detailed look at the property to avoid being caught unaware of hidden costs.

3. The inspector is not available on time.

It is an important step in the process and can be delayed by scheduling errors, communication problems, or overspending. This factor is more difficult to fix if you rely on another company. However, it is possible to do your research and find inspectors with positive testimonials about their timeliness.

4. It’s not ideal.

Most of the building project takes place outdoors, so the weather can have an impact on the progress. It is impossible to avoid severe weather, but it is possible to establish clear communication with your home builder in order for them to determine next steps.

5. Materials are not available.

Your house may not have the right fixtures if you don’t choose them in time. Due to high prices or shortages, you may also have problems with the materials you need, like lumber.

How to deal with delays

You need to have a plan of attack in case you are affected by one of these delays. This is a step-by–step guide that you can follow.

1. Get in touch with your contractor or builder.

Communication is crucial in all situations. For more information, contact your custom home builders in Myrtle Beach. Despite delays being frustrating, it is important to remain calm and be open to listening to them.

Make sure you bring all the important documents and materials. Also, take notes so that you are on the same page.

2. Receive regular updates.

Once you’ve found the issue, agree on a new estimated timeline for completion so that you could amend your expectations–especially if you’re working on a very tight schedule. Make sure you inform the builder about any legal obligations that depend on the completion of the build.

You should communicate with other parties, such as buyers for your current home if they are on your schedule to extend your contract.

3. With your point of contact, create a check in plan.

While delays are not uncommon, it is possible to make significant changes to a building plan, especially if they push back the completion date by several months.

You can keep track of any future problems by creating a check in plan with your builder to receive progress reports. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and know that everything is moving as it should.

4. You should be able to handle any future delays.

Although multiple delays are not common, they can happen. Be prepared to plan for any delays that may occur to your build. This will allow you to manage your expectations regarding the future.

If delays occur because of a local municipality that is not responsive to permits requests, ask your builder if they are willing to reduce their contact time with the township in order to stop the delay.

The Right Custom Home Builders

We know that you don’t want to take many of the steps listed above. Why not skip them?

You can be sure that we will stick to our timelines by partnering with the most experienced custom home builders in Myrtle Beach SC. We will reach out to you if there are any problems beyond our control.

Call Dawol Homes and let our team take care of building your dream house.

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