custom homeBuilding your own custom home or starting a renovation could be risky. You have to know the many different risks, anticipate, plan, as well as solve them. You need to know the things that tend to go wrong on a custom home building or a renovation project and look for possible solutions.

Wrong Custom Orders

You have ordered the wrong custom material. Perhaps it was cut incorrectly or there was an unexpected flaw, that you cannot install as is.

Before you begin the project, you and your builder have made construction specifications. The construction specification is made to detail the materials that need to be ordered for the job. Check the project specifications with the custom order’s copy that was placed by the contractor with the supplier.

Blueprint Confusion

One problem you have to avoid is if your custom home builder are working off an outdated set of blueprints. This is going to be a problem for your contractor and it will cause a delay to your schedule.

Be sure that your subcontractors are using the latest plans. Don’t forget to date your plans to get rid of any confusion about which ones are current.


You could just rent another place or you can stay with your family for a few number of months while the home construction is ongoing. What guarantee do you have that things will go as fast as possible?

You should request a production schedule on your contract so that you could monitor the progress of your contractor. Job site managers tend to create a project schedule where blocks of time are indicated for every task. You have to communicate with your site managers on a regular basis about delays in the construction schedule. What are these delays? What will the consequences be? This type of discussion could result to a solution.

There are several possible reasons for delays. If there is a problem and there are delays, you as well as your team have to address them as soon as possible.

Unexpected Construction Costs

Unforeseen circumstances such as bad soil, dry rot or termite damage, tend to appear during construction. In case you come across one of these issues, the only alternative to avoid emergency spending is to stop the whole project. Before starting your project, you need to create a budget. Be sure to allot funds to cover any unexpected cost that are not the fault of a contractor or manufacturer.

Your construction agreement deals with unforeseen circumstances and when additional work is needed, your custom home builder is entitled to more cash. If, on the other hand, there’s doubt as to if the situation were unforeseen, you need to get a full explanation.

Custom Home Builder Mistakes

There are instances when a custom home builder Myrtle Beach or a subcontractor thinks he or she has an effective way of completing a certain part of your plan or he or she has a remodeling idea that you would really like. However, there are instances when they end up deviating from the blueprints and you wind up having something that you don’t like. It’s better to discover the mistake as soon as possible. Dealing with a deviation could be as simple as moving a wall stud or repositioning a window or a door.

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