custom homeThousands of baby boomers are reaching their retirement age every day and it is pushing the demand for design features accommodating aging in place in an upward trend. In case you are thinking of building a custom home for retirement, you need to have a house plan that includes essential age in place features, which will allow you to live in the house throughout your gold years without having to worry about remodelling.

In case of building a custom home for aging in place doesn’t seem like a very exciting task, then you will be pleased to know that adding in some age in place features won’t prevent you from constructing a luxurious and modern house that you will love to live in the in the years to come. With the correct build, these features won’t even be that noticeable.

What is aging in place?

Aging in place means you will be staying in your own house independently and safely as you grow older. The National Aging in Place Council said that over 90% of older adults would like to age in place in their very own homes instead of moving to senior housing. But, a lot of their houses would need expensive adjustments.

A custom home that’s built with universal design features for aging in place won’t need any of those alterations.

What is universal design?

Universal design, as defined by the National Association of Home Builders, is the design of environments and products that can be used by all people, as much as they can, without having to alter the existing design. A custom home with a universal design will meet the needs of anybody even if their abilities and needs change.

What are the common universal design features crucial for aging in place?

Listed below are a few features in a universal design that are crucial to aging in place.

Single Story Living

Either a multi-story or one story custom home with single story living, which is comprised of a full bath, a kitchen, and a bedroom on the first floor, as well as an elevator.

No Step Entrance

There should be at least one entrance to the house that is level or has no step to accommodate anybody who is using a wheelchair or walker. No steps should also be required to enter the home’s main rooms.

Open Floor Plans

The house must include open spaces that are spacious for good visibility and easy maneuvering. Spaces in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room must be 5 foot by five foot in clear space.

Wide Doorways and Hallways

Doorways and halls must be wide enough so that a wheelchair can fit. Doorways must have at least a clear width of 32 inches while hallways must be at least 36 inches wide.

If you build a custom home for retirement, it will most likely be the last house you will ever buy. Although adding features for aging in place is crucial, you could still build a house that is stylish and comfortable to live in. Your retirement custom home could be aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and comfortable while accommodating your changing needs in the coming years. Just make sure that you let your custom home builder know what you want.

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