custom home builderIn terms of constructing new homes, you can choose to build a custom home, semi custom home, or a spec home. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks and your choice will depend on your budget, time, needs, as well as desire to manage the details. Here are some important things you need to know.

Custom Home

A custom home project lets you work directly with a custom home builder to plan, design, and choose each detail about the layout, construction, and finish of your house. When we say every single detail, we mean everything. You will choose everything from the color of the doorknobs to the number of bedrooms. Custom homes are ideal for couples who prefer a detail oriented process and do not want to compromise on what they want. If you choose to build a custom home, you will be responsible for deciding on the:

  • Home plan as well as floor plan changes including adding closets, moving walls, adding doors and windows, and etc.
  • Exterior materials, like board, shake, siding, stone, and brick as well as choosing the areas to batten them down.
  • Construction materials as well as finishes like hardwood floor styles and brands, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc.

Semi-Custom Home

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Semi-custom homes give homebuyers the best of both worlds by providing them with the simplicity of buying a move in ready house as well as the complexity of designing a home from scratch.

What happens during the construction of a semi custom home? A semi custom home builder will have a collection of designs they are familiar with and could affordably source materials for. From this collection, you will pick out a plan that satisfies your expectations and matches your family’s needs. After that, you will work with your home builder to customize the materials, selections, and finishes. In case you already have a vision for your dream home, but do not want to spend the money and time to fully personalize it, a semi custom home is definitely what you need.

Spec Home

Home builders like Dawol Homes construct move in ready or spec homes on brand new lots as they have the resources required. The designs of spec homes are accommodating and also outfitted with features that will appeal to almost all homebuyers. If you want a brand new home but do not want to be involved in the customization process, then you need to consider buying a spec home. This type of home is made to sell, they are great investments in case you have to move in the future.

Make A Choice

When choosing which one of these three is best for you, it is important to keep an open mind. You have to check all of your options and pick a project design that meets your needs without causing financial problems.

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