custom homeNot all homes are created equal. Some serve as starter homes, while others cater to the jet-setting lifestyle or the desire for low-maintenance living. However, a special category of homes is known as a forever custom home – the kind of home where you envision raising a family, hosting grandkids, and growing old gracefully. But what exactly is a forever home? It’s more than just a house you find; it’s a home you create, tailored to your current and future needs. To help you embark on the journey of designing your own forever home, whether from scratch or through renovations, here are some valuable ideas to consider:

Things To Consider When Designing Your Custom Home

Account for Current and Future Needs

When designing a new home or planning renovations, it’s crucial to consider your needs in the present and in the coming years. Ask yourself what your forever home should include. While additional bedrooms may be necessary now, think about their potential for conversion into an in-law suite, home office, or rental apartment down the line. Also, factor in features like wider hallways and staircases that accommodate strollers, children, and older individuals. Avoiding changes in levels, such as sunken living rooms, can also enhance long-term accessibility.

Allocate Your Budget Wisely

If you anticipate staying in your home for only a few years, overspending on design and upgrades may not be prudent. However, if you plan to settle in for three or four decades, consider investing more to achieve precisely what you desire. Prioritize upgrades that will provide long-lasting value and enjoyment throughout the years.

Design a Functional Floorplan for the Long Run

The layout of your home significantly impacts its functionality. Take the time to discuss your lifestyle with the builder and determine the floorplan that best suits your daily needs. A modern open floorplan could be ideal if you prefer seamless flow between spaces and desire increased usability. Alternatively, closed floorplans provide distinct room separation and allow for specific purposes. Modify walls as needed to expand or contract spaces according to your preferences.

Create a Livable Main Floor

When designing a forever home for aging in place, ensure the main floor includes a full bathroom and a room that can serve as a bedroom. Navigating stairs becomes increasingly challenging and risky as we age, and a livable space on the main floor is also beneficial during temporary mobility issues resulting from surgery or other circumstances.

custom homeOpt for User-Friendly Fixtures and Hardware

While it’s natural to update certain elements of your home over time, select user-friendly fixtures and hardware at any age. Lever-type door handles, for instance, are easier for kids, when carrying groceries, and as you grow older. Paddle-style faucet handles can be more practical than round ones. Choose D-shaped door and drawer handles and consider installing walk-in showers instead of shower and tub combinations in at least one bathroom.

Embrace Timeless Design

Avoid falling into the trap of trendy styles that may quickly become outdated. Opt for classic décor and design options that stand the test of time. Neutral walls serve as a versatile backdrop for future decor changes. Invest in durable materials like hardwood or stone that offer longevity. Prioritize high-quality furniture and consider adding a few luxurious features for your custom built home such as heated floors, a walk-in closet, or a fireplace to enhance your quality of life.

Incorporate Modern Advancements

While aiming for a classic design for your new home construction, don’t shy away from integrating modern features, particularly those that enhance functionality, comfort, and luxury. Smart technology can elevate your forever home’s convenience and efficiency. However, strike a balance and avoid overwhelming yourself with excessive technology or exceeding your budget. Invest in high-end smart appliances like energy-saving thermostats that learn your schedule or a smart home security system to ensure your forever home remains safe and monitored.

By considering these tips, you can embark on the exciting journey of designing your forever custom home in Myrtle Beach. It’s a place where cherished memories will be made, you can envision your family growing and thriving, and you can comfortably age in place. Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating your existing home, creating your dream residence is a deeply personal and rewarding experience. Enjoy every step along the way as you shape your forever home into a haven that reflects your unique needs, style, and aspirations.

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