new home constructionAfter you have considered the advantages of a new home construction for you and your family, you may be wondering if you should hire a general contractor to do the job or a builder. You might not have known there was a difference. That’s perfectly understandable. It can sometimes be difficult to see the distinctions between contractors and homeowners. Here’s how to make it clearer.

New Home Construction: What is a general contractor?

A General Contractor is a person who manages independent trades. To complete the job, they hire various specialists at varying stages. They then bill for each sub-contracted job and then make their profits.

A GC may not have a full-time staff. Once a group of trade contractors has been assembled, the GC will be responsible for managing and scheduling them. The GC will not be present on-site every day. Instead, he or she will hire a supervisor to oversee all aspects of the workday.

What is a Custom Home Builder Myrtle Beach?

Custom home builder Myrtle Beach SC, on the contrary, will usually have their own crew and will complete the entire project from start to end. In this sense, builders are similar to contractors who build houses. Sub-contracts are typically only given for jobs that require special licensing like electrical or plumbing work. They tend to only work with a few trusted partners, even then.

We believe Jerry’s presence on-site is the key to Premier’s high-quality work. He will be on-site overseeing the work of his team and communicating with them regularly to keep the project moving along.

Custom Home Builders vs. general contractors: The distinguishing characteristics of contractors who build houses


Builders are typically more hands-on than general contractors, so they can’t usually take on as many projects. A GC usually works in large quantities, while a builder might only sign up for one or two homes at a given time.


The job of a GC is to construct exactly what is in the plans. However, a builder may examine plans to see if there are ways to improve them or save money on materials or design.

A GC is more flexible than local home builders. Modifications and additions are much easier because most of the work is done by local home builders. Any changes to the plan, whether they are time-consuming or costly, could be made by a GC who sub-trades for the jobs at agreed rates.


A builder’s relationship is usually more intimate. A custom builder will work closely with you from design, excavation, framing, construction, and handing over keys. General contractors, on the contrary, will only enter the project once the plans are approved and construction can begin.

How do we approach the home building process?

We have a proven, extremely precise process that we have perfected over the years. It starts with us sitting down and discussing your budget. Then, we’ll discuss how much space you need and create the ideal layout. We’ll then discuss the details to give you an accurate price.

After we have taken the first steps, we will talk about your location and connect you with a local financial expert to help you get funding.

Once your financing has been approved, along with a precise build price calculated based on your specific requirements, we will get to work searching for the perfect piece. Our team will be there to help you every step of your building journey. Within 7 months of purchasing the land, you will receive a certificate of occupancy and equity as soon as you move in.

Call Dawol Homes now if you need the help of a custom home builder or general contractor for new home construction.

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