custom homeYou can work closely with your builder when designing and building a custom home. This includes choosing exterior colors for your home. Here are some tips to help you choose exterior colors for your home.

Choosing Your Custom Home’s Exterior Color

1. Take into consideration the design of your home

Your home design can fit in with a particular architectural style or era depending on your taste and style. This is where exterior colors may work better than others to match the style.

While you may want to consider other factors when choosing your final colors, it is worth considering your home’s design to narrow down your options.

If your home has a farmhouse-style design, high-gloss black, natural wood, and white are all options. Black, natural wood, and white are some of the most popular modern exterior design ideas.

2. Decide how much contrast you want

You may prefer exterior colors with a seamless appearance in certain cases or styles. Contrast can make certain elements of your exterior stand out and pop. Consider your exterior to determine how much contrast and which design elements you would like to stand out.

This will help you narrow down your options for exterior colors. A contrasting color for the trim, window shutters, and front door can help increase curb appeal and enhance exterior design.

You may choose a bold, bright color for your front door, depending on your personal style. Classic white trim can be elegant and provide a lot of contrast. It all depends on your home’s style, personal taste and what you desire for your new home construction.

3. Consider how colors can be added to your home’s exterior by using materials

Your home’s exterior can be influenced by the materials used for different elements. These materials should be considered when choosing exterior colors for your home. Your custom home builder and you may choose different materials depending on your exterior color choice.

Modern-style homes will appreciate sleek colors. This style is popular for its exterior colors. These include steely grays and slate blues. You can choose to match these colors with warmer materials if you desire a striking contrast. You can use bronze, copper, or stained wood on exterior elements to add warmth and contrast to your home’s outside.

4. Think about how the colors will look with your landscaping

Your landscaping is an important part of choosing exterior colors. It’s not just about your yard and plants. It also considers what’s going on in the rest of your lot, including hardscaping like driveways and walkways.

It is important that your landscaping matches and complements your exterior colors. When choosing exterior colors for your home, you should consider any plans or materials that you may have.

5. Consider the Light

It is important to consider the direction of light on your lot when positioning your custom home in Myrtle Beach. This should also be considered for exterior colors. How much sun shines through your home throughout the day and the light it receives can have an impact on the appearance of your exterior colors and the atmosphere you create.

6. Be sure to comply with local regulations

There may be restrictions on exterior colors if your lot is in an HOA neighborhood. You may need to follow certain color guidelines based on HOA regulations and requirements.

You may need to consider local regulations when designing your home or choosing colors. These situations can be handled by a local builder, but these are possible circumstances that you should consider in the event they affect your home. This is something to think about when looking for land or a neighborhood for your new home.

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