Dawol Homes wants to help simplify the process of using a custom home builder by providing you with straight forward responses to some frequently asked questions.

You will meet with Krissy Mauldin and Kim Barrows to thoroughly discuss your new home design. We will explore topics such as overall design, your intended life style in this proposed new home, your goals, your budget, your concerns, your anticipated timeline, and gladly answer any other questions that you have that will help you better understand the process and aid in us delivering you the best possible home to fulfill your intended life style.

Once the final home design is complete it must go to engineering for truss designs, then to the structural engineer for structural designs. Once Structural designs have been completed, both architectural and structural plans are submitted to the governing code enforcement for their review and permitting. This total process varies but generally runs about four to six weeks. While that process is taking place, if your new home site is governed by a Home Owners Association with an Architectural Review Board, the Dawol team has made the required submissions to that board for their approvals. So that both reviews can be done simultaneously saving time.

However, prior to submission of final designs to the governing bodies. Both you and the Dawol team must finalize the house design and specifications the home is to be built to and a written contract between Dawol Homes, Inc. and yourself must be executed.

If no financing is required, a draw schedule will be created. The draw schedule will clearly outline at which stage of construction a draw is due and the amount of each draw. If there will be financing, your lender will provide their construction draw schedule and Dawol Homes will receive payment based on that schedule. An initial deposit is required upon signing the contact. The initial deposit is to cover the soft cost required prior to construction. Such as HOA, water & sewer, engineering, architectural and permitting fees.

While you can work directly with your own bank, Dawol Homes has on its team a local mortgage lender, Pat Stanley of South State Bank.  South State Bank offers all types of mortgage financing available at competitive rates.

Pat Stanley
Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 607896

South State Bank
211 Highway 17 North
Surfside Beach, SC  29575

(843) 839-8625 – Phone


All loans are subject to credit approval

We are not set up to accept credit cards.

During the construction, the Dawol team will keep you informed as to the progress of the work and will send pictures at various phase of construction if you are not able to visit the site regularly. Once the house is under roof, prior to starting mechanicals, we like to do a walk through with you. This allows you to visually see the rooms partition off and gives you a good feel to the size and scope of each room and how they connect with each other. During the walk through we will determine precise locations of kitchen and vanity cabinets,  electrical devices, plumbing fixtures and HVAC registers.

Once the walk through has been completed, the mechanicals will proceed as determined by the plans, specifications and any walk-through modifications. While mechanicals are being installed, work will also be progressing on the exterior finishes of your new home. Upon the completion of the mechanicals, there will be a major inspection of the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and framing. Once inspection is completed and passed, insulation will begin followed by drywall, then the remaining interior finishes. While the interior finishes are being completed, the exterior landscaping, walkways and driveways will be completed.

Once the entire house has been completed in accordance with your plans and specifications, a Certificate of Occupancy Inspection is done. This inspection is the final one and it checks out the mechanical systems to be certain that they are safe and working as intended. In addition, all other code issues within and outside the home are verified to meet the code and the home is safe for occupancy. Once this inspection is completed and passed, you may then move in.

At Dawol Homes, Inc., we are not perfect, but our demands for perfection are high. Dawol’s team is made up of our staff members and sub-contractor members of the highest quality, professional and skilled trade sub-contractors that Dawol Homes has built great working relationships over the years. They are fully insured and licensed in their trades.

Dawol Homes uses construction grade, industry standard or better materials through out your new home. Concrete is a minimum of 3000 PSI with fiberglass reinforcement. Framing lumber is number two or better with headers and plates being of southern yellow pine species.  All lumber coming in contact with concrete material is pressure treated.  Roof and floor truss systems are all engineered with sealed drawings.  Orientated strand board of various types is used for both roof and wall sheathing and subflooring.  Windows are generally YKK-AP vinyl insulated glass with Low E glazing.  Exterior doors are generally WinDoor or Therma Tru as specified.  Roofing is generally Owens Coring roofing system having a limited lifetime warranty.  Various types of exterior wall finishes are used all being of high quality from fiber cement sidings to masonry or vinyl/aluminum exterior finishes.  Interior finishes start generally with United States Gypsum board finish system or equal, then various types of wood or MDF interior trim boards are installed in accordance with specifications.  Sherwin Williams Premium Wall and Wood Primer is applied over interior wall surfaces and trim, then a finish coat of Sherwin Williams Cashmere low Lustre paint is applied through out the interior wall surfaces and trim.  Various other interior finishes such as flooring, cabinets, etc. are selected by you.

Dawol Homes has been building homes successfully along the Grand Strand since 1996. Dawol’s Team is made up of knowledgeable, quality, honest and confident professionals. Dawol Homes has been built on Dawol’s teams integrity throughout the years and will continue. Dawol Homes will not only deliver you the quality home you’ll be proud of but the confidence knowing your covered by the Dawol Homes Warranty.

Dawol Homes gives allowances on items such as flooring, cabinets, lighting, appliances, tile showers, shower enclosures, etc. because these items and others were given a value in which to base the cost of your new home. These values would have been determined by your personal taste and budget preferences during a Dawol Homes consultation meeting.

Dawol Homes allows its custom home owners to handle the variance in allowance values in one of two ways: 1) Simply apply the variances of the pluses and minuses in the allowance values until the completion of their new home and then create either a negative or positive change order. 2) Custom home owners can simply pay any overages directly to the vendors and apply any reserves in allowances to other overages or create a negative change order.