custom home builderFind the best floor plan for your brand new custom home in Myrtle Beach. Make sure to consult with your custom home builder to determine which option is best for you.

There are three main types of floor plans. These are the traditional, contemporary, and the custom plans. The traditional floor plan will separate every room with a doorway and walls. Contemporary floor plans get rid of the majority of these walls for a much more open floor plan type like having the living room and kitchen in the same place. Meanwhile, a custom floor plan allows you to make your own design.

Each floor plan has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Floor Plans

Traditional floor plan is also referred to as closed floor plans. Keep in mind that closed does not also mean cramped. It’s because the traditional kind of floor plan have the exact same amount of space. It’s just that it has more walls. You could walk into nearly any house built at least 10 years ago and you will see this kind of floor plan.

Benefits of Traditional Floor Plans

A range of design options – you could add your own design to every room and make it as unique as you want. You could also use different color, materials, and so on for every space.

Offer a cozier feel – bigger rooms could feel overly spacious if you are just the one in them

More privacy – you could have more space where you can have some peace and quiet

Better sound control – by having more walls, there will be more objects sound need to pass through to go to other areas, therefore, muting it more

Lowering Energy Bills – it’s easier to cool or heat areas with more walls because they offer more insulation

Contemporary Floor Plan

A contemporary floor plan is also referred to as an open concept design. The modern floor plan provides an open feel that is great for letting people to feel together even if they are not in the same room. For instance, the chef will not feel isolated from everybody in the living room since there’s a big opening connecting the rooms.

Benefits of Contemporary Floor Plan

A contemporary floor plan offers accessibility since it’s going to be much easier to move around since there are more space. You will be provided an open line of sight which is ideal for families because it is easier to watch your kids. Another benefit is better natural light. Since there are fewer walls, more light will come from the windows, which means you will get to save on your energy bills.

This type of floor plan offers a more modern aesthetic. A growing number of consumers prefer an open concept floor plan. Lastly, an open concept type is rising in popularity and it will most likely be easier to sell the house once you decide to put it on the market.

Custom Floor Plan

With a custom floor plan, you can work closer with a custom home builder Myrtle Beach. You can choose the styles, fixtures, rooms, colors, materials, and everything else that you would like for your custom home.

They could also make it custom without the need to go into that much detail, like selecting a layout and allowing the custom home builder to take care of the rest.

One custom idea that is increasing in popularity is having a bigger shower without a door. It could take a bit of getting used to but you will surely have fun once you do.

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