custom home buildersA lot of people believe that terms such as general contractor and custom home builder are synonymous, and for good reason. The responsibilities of these professionals often overlap and in many cases, general contractors work together with custom home builders to help build the best residential property for their client.

Indeed, there’s a bit of doubt that the best custom homes are generally the result of the close collaboration between these two experts, regardless of which professional you approach first to start the project.

But, the truth is, custom home builders and general contractors Myrtle Beach SC have a few nuanced differences.

General Contractors Versus Custom Home Builders

A general contractor is a person who will manage a team of subcontractors who can help you do different types of construction projects in your house. Meanwhile, a custom home builder specializes in new home construction and can complete this type of project from beginning to end on their own.

A new home builder work with a team of experts in house to pull in all throughout the project like the project manager, to streamline all the processes involved. Compared to general contractors, a custom home builder will only subcontract a job that will require specific licenses such as plumbers or electricians.

What does a custom home builder do?

Unlike general contractors who enter the picture when the new home construction is ready to start, hiring a custom home builder for a condo or home means you will receive an in-person service right from the very start. It means from the initial sketches and blueprints up to the day when the excavation and construction begins. Your custom home builder will take care of the things that involve the home building process until the house is completed, fully furnished, and all set for the keys to be handed over to you.

A custom home builder will have a team of experts in office or on call, always prepared to help with whatever tasks are needed at any given time. And when they have to talk to other experts like architects, a custom home builder will have an existing working relationship with these professionals and that means their needs will be accommodated.  

What does a general contractor do?

A general contractor will work with you to build your project. Their work is similar to a custom home builder however, they have a few notable differences.

A general contractor will concentrate on the building of the project plans, which are generally created by architects and other outside specialists. They can handle different types of projects but they don’t specialize in the construction of custom homes. Consequently, it’s not surprising for homeowners to hire other specialists to help the general contractor in starting the project, whereas custom home builders would personally take care of these aspects.

Although the roles of a general contractor and a custom home builder are different, they are also similar in some way. It’s best to hire a custom home builder if you have a large home building project like custom built homes.

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