Home buildingYou are young, you have a growing family, and want to build a custom home that will last many years. Congratulations! Consider these eight elements as part of your due diligence for your home building project, particularly if you are just starting your family.

Home Building Tips

1. The Home Layout

When building your first custom home, it’s tempting to stick with the standard architecture. But think outside of that box. Imagine living in your house. What’s most important to YOU? The floor plan is color-coded to make it easier to identify areas for entertaining, storage, and de-stressing.

Many young couples, for example, want clear sightlines both indoors and out so that they can maintain constant visual contact with children. This means an open plan with access to the exterior through windows and doors. Imagine your ideal visibility in each room.

Watch out for the tendency of many young couples to limit themselves to only three bedrooms. Talk to your custom home builder if you anticipate a growing family in the near future. A three-bedroom house can quickly become overcrowded with children.

Let’s talk about the sleeping areas. You may want to have all your bedrooms on one floor. This is often the case with couples who have younger children. You should plan ahead, even if you don’t have children today. Children often wake up in the middle of the night or ask for comfort or assistance. Make it easy for them and yourself! This need must be accommodated.

2. Cleanliness

It is difficult, but not impossible to keep a house spotless with a growing family. Planning your home correctly can help reduce clutter. Include plenty of space for “stuff”, which accumulates over time. You can use closets, basement rooms, and pantries as spaces.

Consider adding a drop zone or mudroom. It gives people a place to put their things when they come in from the outdoors. Dirt and grime will be kept in one area that is easy to maintain.Home building

3. Safety

You can use this as a mantra in your conversations with your custom builder.

Start by examining the area you plan to build in. Does it appear safe? Are the roads and sidewalks safe for children riding bikes, trikes, or skateboards? Are you comfortable taking your children outside to play after dinner or at the weekend?

You may find that the answers to your questions about safety are easier to come by if you decide to build in an established community. This is because developers and builders have already addressed these concerns.

4. Education

A new custom built home is a great opportunity for young families to discuss their local school district. Do some research before you start building. Many parents are surprised when they discover that the school district in which they believe they live is not accurate.

Many school districts have been zoned in an unusual way. Your home’s location does not guarantee that your children will attend the best schools in your city. Do your research and make sure to check out the reputation of all schools – elementary and middle – online.

Home building5. Extended Spaces For Living

When your family grows, having options is a great thing.

When building their first home, many couples decide to include spaces that will allow them to relax and entertain. A deck or patio is one popular addition. This outdoor space, which is usually only used in the summer, provides a natural, beautiful place to gather, eat and feel like a bigger home.

A game room or family area is another great addition to the home. These rooms are often located in the basement level or lower level. What could be more fun than a place where everyone can get a little messy (and we love that kind of time off!) Without cluttering the main living spaces?

6. Multigenerational Opportunities 

Do you think it’s likely that your parents will eventually move into your new home? This is a popular option for young couples.

If you think this may be the case, talk to your builder about adding in-law suites. Even if they are not needed for several years, you can still offer them to guests from out of town. In-law quarters are also attractive to buyers if you ever decide to sell.

7. Convenience

We know how quickly time passes, so we try to make the most of it. Add conveniences, like a laundry room on the first floor or second. It may be better to put the washer and dryer together in the mudroom, or drop-off area so that kids can throw dirty socks, mittens, hats, and jerseys into the machine as soon as they enter the home.

In the past, the laundry room was located in the basement. Today’s families are looking for ways to spend more time with their loved ones and less time walking around the house.

8. Value

It’s also important to consider your budget when building a custom home in Myrtle Beach. It’s important to keep your budget in check, while also investing in areas and upgrades that will add value. For example, ultra-modern kitchens, with at least two dining spaces, and bathrooms with both a luxury bathtub and a shower.

Are you unsure whether to add a bedroom because of the cost? Consider the value and savings you will make in the long run. It might cost a little more to pay your mortgage, but it will be worth it in the long run when you can grow.

Now is the time to build your dream home that you will love to return to! You can bring your dreams to life with a little forethought. Call Dawol Homes now.

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