custom homes myrtle beachYour home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. It’s important to select your custom home builder carefully. It’s not about getting a great price.

Choosing the right materials, budgeting and navigating land constraints are all important aspects of building a custom home. This is both a financial investment and an emotional one. Some builders may not offer the same information. Different buyers may be interested in different information.

Questions To Ask A Potential Custom Home Builder

What are the most important questions to ask potential builders? What is most important for YOU?

You want to feel confident about your decision. To feel confident in your decision, you must answer key questions. Next, match your needs to the builder who is most likely able to meet them.

These are some things you should consider when weighing your options.

1. Do not be influenced only by the price

People call us to ask for an estimate of the cost. While price is a major factor in your decision making, no builder will give you an upfront price without speaking with you. The cost of a custom-built home will increase over time as you make design decisions and consider the constraints on your property. Instead, find a builder who can keep you informed about your budget and show you how to navigate the options to get what you want while staying within your financial means.

2. Set your expectations for the building experience.

How involved do you want to be in the construction of your home? Are you looking for a builder who does everything or someone you can manage and complete certain aspects yourself? Dawol Homes, for example, is a full-service builder that will be involved in every stage of the process, from determining feasibility to key delivery.

3. Style is not everything.

Homebuyers are often interested in the style and price of their home. Dawol Homes is a custom builder that builds homes to your exact specifications. Our knowledge and our team are what we bring to the table. In-house designers are able to help you create a style that you like and is unique.

Instead, focus on quality, following through on promises, and communicating. How is the builder’s reputation in quality construction and workmanship? Are there good references that can speak to their ability to follow up on all commitments and communicate throughout the entire process?

4. Do not feel restricted by floor plans.

Many homebuyers spend hours looking at floor plans to see how they might live in them. Floor plans can be customized to suit your lifestyle with a custom-built home. An in-house team of designers will consider a variety of factors, including whether you are starting a family or retiring, as well as whether you love entertaining or working from home. Then, they will design the floor plan to meet your needs.

5. Ask the right questions to the builder.

You can narrow your choices further by understanding how the builder communicates with you, and other trade professionals. This includes:

How can problems be managed? These questions should be answered according to your preferred communication style and level.

What frequency are quality inspections conducted? A good custom home builder in Myrtle Beach can not only anticipate problems before they occur but will also have a system for quality inspections during the entire process, especially when subcontractors are involved.

Also, how often will the site be accessed so that you can raise concerns?

Who will be the point of contact for you? Is there a designated contact who can help you? Or will you be directed through the general mailbox or receptionist each time? Is it the superintendent or project manager? Will they be available to answer your calls or are they too busy building your custom home?

Are they willing to be patient and allow you to participate? Do they prefer you to sit quietly? If the builder is too busy, or too impatient, it can lead to frustration for homebuyers.

6. Ask how changes are managed.

Even with a solid upfront design process, there will be changes during construction. How are these changes handled? Who pays the costs? What is the process for discontinuing a product? It is important to have transparency with your builder about how changes are handled so that you can know what to expect.

7. Take a look at the warranty.

There are different warranties for each home. Ask about the home warranty and how claims are handled once the dust settles and the builder is gone.

At Dawol Homes, we have a concrete process built on transparency and communication–giving you the confidence to know you’re being taken care of. We strive to make your experience stress-free. Call us now if you need the help of a professional home builder. 

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