new homeMaybe you have lived in your home for several years and the time has finally come for an upgrade. Or you are constructing a new home from scratch and would like to make something great.

Regardless of the reason, you are searching for ideas to create your space functional, fun, green, and efficient. However, where do you go for these concepts for interior design for the new homes? You can begin by stalking expert custom home builders as well as interior designers hoping that they will become their friend as well as pick their brain, or you can just continue to read on.

Listed below are 15 great ideas on what you can add to your new home so you can build the best space for you.

New Home Features

USB Wall Charger

A lot of new home construction Myrtle Beach SC have wall outlets that have USB slots nowadays, however, even if you are not building from scratch, they are an excellent addition that’s easy to add even for someone who only has little electrical experience.

Hidden Garage and Parking Space

Hideaway parking is not something that’s ideal for beginners. However, if you have the means then you can consider having an underground garage.

Steam Shower

These showers don’t just offer health benefits but they will also help you relax. Not only that, installing steam shower in your home will also increase its value. It’s also green and uses just one gallon of water per minute compared to the seven gallons that a typical shower use.

Impact Rated Shower

If you are living in coastal areas where it’s common to have hurricanes, windows such as these are required by the law, but even those who are living in places will enjoy the many benefits that are offered by installing impact-rated windows. Some of the advantages are reduced noise, improved security, as well as enhanced energy efficiency. All these make impact-rated windows a smart investment for your custom home.

Outdoor Theater

This is among the greatest features you can add to your new home. You can add a luxurious outdoor theatre or a low-end and DIY outdoor theatre, which includes a projector and a simple outdoor seating.

Secret Rooms

Do you want privacy? You can add a bookshelves unit that opens so you can move from one room to another. It’s an excellent alternative for typical doors.

Floor Drains

Adding drains to the floors of your laundry room and bathroom might not be the most pleasing addition. However, it can prevent a plumbing problem from flooding your home, which makes it a worthy investment.

Stair Shelves

Do you want to use your space efficiently while adding a funky and fun design to your new custom built home? Then add stair shelves.

Door Levers

Homes in some senior communities use levers rather than knobs to open their doors for quite some time now, however, they do not have to be relegated to something only for the elderly. Levers can make opening doors much easier. In case you have a senior living with you then you should consider adding this feature to your new home.

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