custom homeIt is the dream to design a home from scratch. There are so many possibilities and opportunities. With existing designs, you’re essentially trying to fit your life into the design of someone else’s home. A custom home allows you to design a space that is just right for you. Even if you are experienced in the process, it can be a difficult uphill battle. Here are some tips if you are thinking of breaking ground and starting a new custom home.

Choose your custom home builder wisely

The most important decision is who you hire. Quality of work is important, but even more important is the quality of character. Building journeys can be bumpy because of a lack of trust between the client and the Myrtle Beach custom home builder. Make sure you are comfortable with the process. Discuss the goals: budget, schedule, and outcome. Also, discuss how to resolve any issues that arise if things go wrong. These include budget overages, extreme delays, quality of work, and other issues. It is best to be on the same page about the worst-case scenarios in order to avoid frustration and falling out.

Hire an Architect, Builder, and Designer

Different professionals play different roles during the home-building process. All of these roles are crucial. Many people believe that only architects and builders are necessary to hire. However, the finer details can often slip through the cracks if you don’t hire a designer right away.

Consult an attorney to review your contracts

You are excited to get started. This step might seem difficult because you know you have hired someone who is good. Your experience will be different. However, most custom home builder contracts are written for the benefit of the builder. This is a smart business. An experienced attorney will know the best places to add protective clauses that balance the ground and make sure you are taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Know Your Limitations

It might surprise you, but just because you are a Pinterest and Google user does not mean that you have all the knowledge and tools necessary to build a home. Experience is one of the greatest assets a professional designer or builder has. They have learned from the mistakes of others. They have a large library of information, thoughts, and sources that makes homes more beautiful and livable.

Take the time to view your floor plan

It’s easy to feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase of building a home. It’s exciting, but it’s important to be careful and thoughtful during this process. While you want the space to be beautiful, it is also important that it be functional for daily living.

Plan For Storage

Storage isn’t that glamorous; we get it. It’s much more fun to design a larger living room and a more spacious kitchen. What’s not sexy about a larger living room and a more spacious kitchen? – storage! You don’t have anywhere to store your winter clothes or cleaning supplies.

Design for Your Future.

Don’t let your eyes narrow. There are two things you need: what you want now and what you will need later. Consider what you might need in the future if you are building a custom home in Myrtle Beach that you will want to live in. Your family grows, and so do your needs.

Make selections before you start

It’s not about making sure your home build timeline is on track. It’s about being ready to pull off a thousand decisions. It can be difficult to know what decisions you will need to make and in what order.

Unexpected Moments to Delight

Unexpected decisions make a home feel more personal and custom. Everyday details like stair rails and doorway arches or windows offer opportunities to do something subtle but unexpected.

Invest in What’s Difficult to Change Later

If budget is your top priority, make sure you invest now in items that can’t be changed later. Features like pre-wiring and soundproofing, good insulation, and heated flooring. These items may not be where you want your money to go, but they are much more expensive to add or remove later.

Take into account Post-Build Expenses

Last but not least, consider the post-build costs of new home construction. The budget does not include the build. After you have built your home, it’s time to fill it. Window treatments, which are essential for privacy, warmth, and aesthetics, can be quite expensive, especially if you go custom.

Building a custom home is a fun and daunting process at the same time. Call Dawol Homes today and let us help build your dream custom home.

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