custom homeIf you decide to build a custom home, you will get a chance to get all that you want out of your space. There is no need to settle for practical and ordinary features such as bigger closets or granite countertops. You can grab the opportunity to get everything that you have always dreamed of for your home. If you are consider getting a custom home built in the near future, here are the top luxury features that you may want to include in your home’s design.

Luxury Features For Custom Homes

Heating floors – some may think that heating the floors can’t do that much. But you will actually be surprised what it can do for you. Heated floors will help you feel more comfortable and cozy inside your house. You can have heated floors installed all throughout your house and pick from materials such as polished concrete or hardwood. You can even have it installed in the bathroom. Think about how good it will feel once your feet touch a heated floor after a cold soothing shower.

Dressing room – don’t stop at walk in closets. Ask for an entire dressing room in your custom homeThe dressing room must include a lot of rods and shelves for shoes and clothing, and enough room for you to move around and try on different clothes. You may even place a bench or a set in the middle of the dressing room. You can also include extras such as ambient lighting and floor to ceiling mirrors so you can get the most out of your dressing room. You might even want to think about including luxury features such as a specialty armoire or a vanity.

Home spa – a large bathtub is a must have especially if you always have a hard day at work. But if you really want to pamper yourself, why not have a home spa with the best design features. Talk to your custom home builder for things like multiple shower heads, walk through showers, wide ledges surrounding the tub for seating, built in music system, and soft lighting. For your bathtub, some features you might want to include are chromatherapy or whirlpool jets.

Specialty wiring – there times when outlets are not placed where you want them to be. As a matter of fact, they are commonly installed in spots that are inconvenient and out of the way. When designing your custom home Myrtle Beachyou should think about adding outlets where you think you will be using them the most. For instance, you might need outlets in your kitchen island, medicine cabinet, under the roof eaves for your landscape lighting. You should also consult with your custom home builder about specialty wiring when you are considering to have a home theatre system set up at home. With the appropriate structure in place, you can simply wire built in speakers and even video game systems without filling the area with electrical cords.

Driveway alarm – in case you are investing in a custom home, you are also investing in a substantial piece of property. In case you have a long driveway that leads into your property, you could make use of a driveway alarm. It will alert you whenever someone pulls into your driveway. It can help you with unexpected visitors and unwanted trespassers.

Outdoor features – The outside of your house should be as comfortable as the inside. Consult your custom home builder Myrtle Beach about building a beautiful patio with features like fireplace, outdoor kitchen, bar, and lounge seating. You can also outdoor water features like fountains to add more sophistication to your home.

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