custom homeDo you want more storage space incorporated into your custom home? If so, you are you’re probably thinking of your garage. But did you know that your attic can also provide you with more storage? Here are some tips on how to maximize this part of your house.

Tips To Maximize Attic Space In Your Custom Home

Control The Temperature In The Attic

Whatever it is that you’re planning to store in your attic, you have to consider insulating the space or some kind of temperature control.

When you have determined what you plan to store in your attic or other ideas that you may have planned for the unused space in your attic, then you can figure out how much insulation your attic will need.

You may need a dehumidifier if you are located in an area that is humid like Myrtle Beach. It will keep moisture from ruining your belongings. You may think about the installation of an attic fan that will draw out the moisture from the space in your custom home in Myrtle Beach.

Keep Pests Out Of The Attic

If you want to keep pests from your attic and the other parts of your home, you should set in place effective pest control measures.

Make sure that are no holes and it is best to have a pest control specialist evaluate your space and find any vulnerability or pest control activities.

How Can You Access Your Space

In case you plan to use the storage space frequently or if you want to use the attic as a bedroom then you need to make sure that it is easily accessible. You may consider using a pulldown ladder if you need to conserve space.

Be sure to choose a ladder with handrails so that climbing up and down would be safer. Depending on the type of items that you plan to store, you may find it difficult to maneuver large boxes or objects.

You may also think about an attic staircase. It’s generally built into the side of a room or the hallway and it opens up into the room truss or attic space. It’s a better option if you think you’ll be storing large items in your new custom home.

Create A Suitable Floor Plan

You will need to create an organized floor plan for your attic storage. By doing so, you don’t have to waste time finding an item as long as you follow the layout. You should group your things by seasons, holidays, or family members.

Add Other Elements

Another simple way to maximize your attic space is to tell your custom home builder to add built-in storage spaces. You should include closets or shelving units to make sure that your things are kept as organized as possible. You can also organize smaller objects by adding built-in drawers.

These are only a few of the ways to maximize the attic storage space in your new home. Call Dawol Homes now if you need help in building your dream home.

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