New home constructionResale home or new home construction? This is one of the questions that homeowners often ask when starting their new home research. Which option is the best one for you? The answer to this question will depend on various factors such as personal priorities and lifestyle preferences.

Here are eight reasons why a custom built home may be the best choice for you?

Why Choose New Home Construction

Peace of mind

Purchasing a new construction home can provide more peace of mind. You will watch your house being built and know that everything that’s being used in your home is new. When buying a resale, there’s uncertainty as to the things that an inspection will uncover, which gives you more stress once you settle in the house.

Less Maintenance

Among the many benefits of purchasing a new construction home is that all materials are brand new. From the roof to the heating and cooling systems, everything in your house is brand new and much less likely to require repairs. It can be costly and cumbersome to deal with home repairs. New home construction provides a low-maintenance lifestyle that lets you spend more time doing the things that you really love.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient houses provide advantages to both the environment and the homeowner. Houses built these days are subject to stricter energy efficiency standards than homes that were built before. Energy-efficient features like an airtight envelope, windows, and doors that are energy star rated, as well as properly installed insulation, could assist in the improvement of comfort in the house and cut back your utility bills significantly.

Personalize Your Home

Even if you are not buying custom built homes, most custom home builders provide the chance to customize home features. Personalization might include structural options like the number of baths and bedrooms or/and selections options like finish choices, upgraded appliances, and much more. If you would like to have your house customized before moving in, then new house construction may be the best choice for you.

Improved Air Quality

New houses may provide superior indoor air quality versus older houses, which leads to a healthier home setting. The elements that could improve the indoor air quality include a watertight and airtight building envelope, a correctly installed building wrap, insulation, air sealant, and using low volatile organic compounds carpet and paint. Check with your custom home builders Myrtle Beach to find out if the company offers these air quality improvement features.

Smart Home Technology

A new home construction allows you to integrate the latest and smart technology features into your house. Building a new house offers you the option to include complex wiring that might be required for advanced and complex home technology including lighting control systems, and security monitoring.

Builder’s Warranty

Buying a new construction home can lower the stress of possible home repairs that are covered under the warranty of the custom home builder. The builder’s warranty includes various features including materials, fixtures, appliances, structure, and workmanship. If you’re concerned regarding unexpected home repair expenses, then new home construction might be a better choice for you. You must understand what items are not included from the warranty and what could cause the warranty to become void.


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