custom built homesYou need to consider how you will use the space in the future and what you want to do with it when you build a new home. You will need to consider whether you want a one- or two-level home. Whatever your choice, creative floor plans will help maximize space and provide all the features you need in a custom built home.

Factors to consider when making the important decision about your new custom built home.


If you are building your dream home, or downsizing from an older home and want to age in place, one-level homes can be a great fit. One-story homes that have creative floor plans can offer more space which is essential for future accessibility. Two-story homes may offer more privacy for larger families but stairs can be difficult for those with small children and pets.

A two-story home might be right for you if your future plans involve moving to another area or downsizing to smaller homes. For older couples who want to live on the first floor, but want more privacy on the second level, two-story homes with a master bedroom on the main floor are a great choice.


Because the sleeping areas can be kept separate from the common areas, two-story homes offer more privacy for guests. Privacy can be compromised if all the bedrooms are located upstairs. You can also have two-story homes that offer additional bedrooms upstairs or downstairs, which will allow you to provide more privacy for your family members and overnight guests. Two-story homes can be noisy upstairs, which is one of their potential disadvantages. This can be reduced by using quality construction and carpeting or rugs on an upper level.

One-story homes are more spacious than two-story homes with smaller footprints. Ranch-style homes offer the flexibility to place the master bedroom close to the other bedrooms or separately, depending on family dynamics and preferences.


There are many factors that influence the cost of building new homes, such as the square footage and the number of floors. A one-story home will require more space than a two-story home with the same square footage. This means that both the foundation area and roof area will be larger and thus costlier. Because they aren’t spread out over a larger area, two-story homes may also be able to save money on construction.

One-story homes, on the other hand may need less HVAC equipment and related materials like ductwork. To help you weigh your options, it’s a good idea to compare floor plans of similar square footage to see how they differ in cost.

Lot Size

You may have to build a one-story new home construction depending on how large your lot is. A one-story home that is smaller than the area you have available will have a lower square footage. Two-story homes are more feasible on smaller urban lots. Larger lots offer more freedom and allow for more creative floor plans.

Future Plans

Expanding a one-story house is easier than adding on to a 2-story house. This assumes that the lot is large enough to allow for future growth. A one-level floorplan will allow you more flexibility if you plan to add an inlaw suite or garage. One-story homes are easier to maintain, especially for exteriors and gutters.


Custom home builder Myrtle Beach SC says personal preference will play a part in your decision to build your custom home. Design aesthetics can also be affected by the surrounding neighborhood. For example, a two-story house might not look good in a block with one-level homes. This is especially true if the homeowner plans to sell the house. A one-story home in an area with two-story facades may look out of place or fade into the background.

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