custom homeStudies have shown that pet ownership has psychological benefits. People feel a special bond with animals. It is important to have a pet-friendly custom home so that both pets and owners can enjoy the benefits. It’s a great opportunity to ensure that your dream home is also a home that your pets will love. These are some pet-friendly home design ideas that you can use to ensure your home meets your pet’s needs.

Make Your Custom Home Pet Friendly

1. Make sure you have enough space on your lot for a backyard with plenty of grass and running room

You should also take into consideration your pets when searching for land to build your dream home. Your backyard should be able to accommodate your pets. Give your dog room to run and have fun in your backyard.

It allows your dog to exercise and run and ensures that they are happy and healthy. The size of your yard will depend on what breed you have, but plenty of space is good for both you and your dog’s mental health. A fun backyard is a great option for family-friendly custom home design!

Consider the dimensions of your new home construction. You should also consider other backyard structures such as porches and patios, pools, gardens, flowers, vegetation, hardscapes, and ornaments.

You can reduce the space left after construction is completed by putting things in your backyard. When you are looking for land or thinking about the features you want to add to your home, remember that your pet requires adequate grass.

2. You might consider enclosed porch or sunroom

Indoor cats can have the best of both worlds, as they can enjoy the outdoors without being restricted. You don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety. They can observe birds, squirrels and dogs to their hearts’ content.

For pent-up cats who are anxious about the fresh air, they will often attempt to escape by smelling it. You can give your pets an enclosed porch to keep them safe from the elements while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. Talk to your custom home builder about creating a custom bird enclosure if you have birds.

3. Get a secure fence around your backyard

You will need a fence to protect your yard from pets and children. This is especially important if your custom home in Myrtle Beach will be built along a busy road or country road.

A secure fence around your property provides your pets with increased safety and convenience. It will allow your dog to exercise and take care of their business without having to be watched over. A fence can be a great addition to your privacy.

Secure fencing is also beneficial from a liability standpoint because it reduces the chance of your dog accidentally coming in contact with other people.

Even the most well-behaved pets can become territorial and protective of their home. A fence protects against any untoward events involving your dog or another animal.

4. Bay Windows with Cushioned Benches

While cats and dogs sleep most of the day, they will still spend significant time inside their homes. You should consider adding adequate windows to your home so that natural light can enter the home and allows your pet to look outside. One of the most useful bay window ideas is to create a space for your pet.

Bay windows are an excellent choice for pet owners as they allow you to add a window seat your pets will love. These “nap niches”, which are pet-friendly, can also be a great home design option.

5. Consider adding shelves to your cat’s room

Cats love to climb, and cat towers can sometimes be too heavy or difficult for homeowners to bear. It is important that your cat doesn’t use the tower. You might consider adding some cat shelves to the walls if this is the case.

6. Choose Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface floors are a great option for pet-friendly home designs. They offer many benefits. There are many carpet options that are durable and stain-resistant, but hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring are the best for pet owners. Vinyl or hardwood floors offer homeowners multiple benefits, regardless of whether pets are present.

This flooring is easy to clean, especially for pet owners. Carpets can stain or smell bad over time. Professional cleaning is required. They trap fur and dust which can cause allergies.

A homeowner can purchase an area rug or carpet piece from a hard surface floor that will offer the same benefits as a carpeted space but without the permanence of a room with real carpets. These area rugs are usually cheaper than recarpeting a whole room or floor.

7. Incorporate a mudroom

A mudroom is a great addition to your pet-friendly home. A mudroom can be a great addition to any home, especially for pets. It is a great place to store food and kibble, as well as a place for pets to clean up after a rainy day.

A mudroom can be a great place for your dog to sleep in their crate at night. It will hide the crate from view so it doesn’t take up too much space in the living rooms. It can also provide a safe and secure retreat for your dog. It can be used as a laundry area, storage room, or another space depending on its size.

8. Find out where you can put a pet bath or a dog shower

A pet washing station is one of the most pet-friendly home design ideas. Consider making the mudroom big enough to accommodate your pet, or creating a pet shower or bath elsewhere in your home if you have enough space.

A wet room bathroom could be an option for pet bathing. The only problem is getting them to the bathroom. Double up by having a tub or shower you can use indoors and a pet shower or washing station outside.

Talk to your home builder about customizing a tub that features a large basin for washing and doubles as a bath for your dog. A variety of uses for raised tubs in mudrooms include:

It makes bathing your pet easier as it eliminates the pain and backache that comes from having to bend over to wash them in a traditional tub. It keeps fur and mud out of your bathroom and other rooms, making it easier to bathe, clean up, and reduces stress.

9. For some doorways, consider half-doors or swinging gates

You may want to keep your children and dogs safe in certain rooms. Half-doors and swinging gates placed in doorways will not keep cats out, but they can be helpful for dogs or children who are crawling or toddling.

These doors can be used to create a unique look for your home. This is a great way to use barn doors, repurpose pallets or natural wood in your home design.

10. You can customize the built-in elements to suit your pet

Many pet-friendly home designs are focused on cats and dogs. But you might have other pets you wish to consider. Working with a builder is a great way to customize features, layouts, and integrated elements for your pets.

For those who are responsible for caring for fish, reptiles or rodents, built-in aquariums or terrariums or cages can be an excellent option. Birds can have many options, including perches and enclosures.

You can design a bird room, or create a small space where rodents and turtles are welcome. They can freely roam and be safe. Talk to your custom home builder if you plan on having larger pets such as horses or livestock. They can discuss stables, outdoor exercise areas and feeding areas.

Create the Home That You and Your Pet Love

Pets have many responsibilities. These pet-friendly home design ideas will make it easier for you to have the chance to build the home of your dreams. Consider your pet’s needs, as well as your own, before you start to design your home.

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