custom home Our pets are cherished members of the family, and as such, they deserve a special place in a custom home that’s designed with their needs and comfort in mind. Similar to how we prepare our homes for a new baby or adapt them as our children grow, it’s important to consider our furry friends when it comes to interior design.

This growing trend, known as “barkitecture,” focuses on making our pets feel right at home within our living spaces. Here are some ideas to stylishly incorporate pet-friendly features into your new home construction:

Pet-Friendly Custom Home Features

All-in-One Pet Station

In your laundry room, consider creating a dedicated pet zone with clever features. Utilize a corner to place your dog’s bed, and incorporate a low drawer that pulls out for your cat’s food bowls. To make things even more convenient, include a feeding station with a spigot for easy water refills.

Built-In Food Bowls

Make your kitchen more pet-friendly by incorporating a built-in feeding station into your island. Custom slots can securely hold metal food and water bowls, keeping them out of the way of foot traffic. Nearby glass canisters can store pet food and treats, and a countertop provides a convenient spot for leashes and other pet essentials.

Pull-Out Cat Drawer

Create a slide-out feeding station for your cat by repurposing a shallow toe-kick drawer in the kitchen of your custom home in Myrtle Beach. Store your cat’s supplies in the cabinet directly above for easy access.

custom home Hidden Dog Bed

Transform a cabinet in your kitchen or laundry room into a nook for the bed of your pet. With the addition of a plush dog bed and a wire mesh door, it becomes a comfortable kennel-like space.

Pet-Washing Station

Streamline bath time with a dedicated pet shower. Covered in easy-to-clean subway tile, the station should have a raised floor, storage area, and a handheld sprayer. Framed photos of your beloved furry friends are good additions if you want to personalize the walls.

Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

Skip the bulky cat trees and opt for a sleek wall-mounted perch. Secure a sturdy basket to the wall using extra-large washers to create a cozy spot for your cat to observe the room. Line the interior with a soft blanket for added comfort.

Full-Size Pet Station

For those with larger dogs, a single cabinet may not suffice. Carve out a spacious spot between built-ins in your mudroom for your Labrador’s bed. Customize the look with a painted frame and neutral fabric, and utilize the cabinetry to store pet essentials such as food, toys, and more.

Remember, a pet-friendly custom home is a happy home for both you and your furry family members. So, why not create a space that your pets will love? By incorporating these pet-friendly features into your home’s design, you can ensure that your four-legged companions feel right at home in every corner of your living spaces.

Make your home more pet-friendly and comfortable for your furry friends today! Call Dawol Homes if want to have a custom home.

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