custom homeThe process of custom home building doesn’t start with pouring the foundation. Building a house is exciting and most efficient if you first come up with a good plan and hire a competent and honest custom home builder. Listed below are five crucial steps that will help you avoid costly blunders when building your home.

What To Do Before Building A Custom Home

  1. Plan Your Budget

Start considering your budget from the moment you begin thinking about building your home. Come up with a realistic budget plan that you can afford and determine how much a custom home will cost. During this phase, you need to balance your wants and the realistic evaluation of your budget.

  1. Choose Your Lot

If you haven’t purchased a lot for your custom home, consult your realtors and ask for a rough estimate of the cost of the land in the areas where you are considering. Even though land costs differ significantly based on the local land costs, you should remember that about 25% of the new home cost will be allotted for the land purchase.

  1. Pick A House Plan

A lot of new homes are constructed using stock plans from an online source or printed catalog. Looking for the appropriate plan will take some time. One place to start with is determining your preferred home design. Find good ideas from any available catalogs or have a designer, architect, or custom home builder help you select the best stock plan for your requirements. A custom home is made specifically for a family who lives there and the site where it sits upon. Whether you choose a custom design or a stock, it’s good to choose a plan that would meet your future requirements.

  1. Line Up Your Team

Once you’re done with budget planning, building site selection, and home design selection, you can now start to line up a team that will design as well as construct your custom home. These include a custom home builder, a surveyor, excavator, an architect or a home designer. In most cases, if you start with a custom home builder, the latter will choose the other team members. But, you also have the option to choose a home designer or architect first.

  1. Negotiate A Contract

Don’t forget to get a written contract for every professional or contractor, including a custom home builder, who will be involved in building your dream custom home Myrtle Beach. The building contract for a new home construction will detail everything about the project including all the parts that will be included in the house. Without any specifics, your custom home will most likely be constructed using builder’s grade materials, which are relatively cheap. Make sure to hash out the details during the negotiation phase before drawing up a contract. Everything must be listed clearly. Keep in mind that you have to change the contract later on in case you or your custom home builder will make any alterations to the project.

The Bottom Line

The time you spend in completing the initial steps to constructing a custom home is an exciting period but it is also the best time to assess if building a new one is the right choice. The process requires hard work and you can expect your life to be disrupted. But by following the five steps listed above, you can rest easy knowing that your project will yield a home and you and your family will love.


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