custom home builderAs you make plans for your brand new house, one of the most important questions you need to think about is if working with a production builder or a custom home builder is your best choice.

Both types of home builders are great choices and each one can provide you with a great new home. The decision will depend in the number of choices that you are willing to make and how much design input you are willing to have during the construction process of your home.

Production Vs. Custom Home Builders

A production builder will build a community of home according to a library of floor plans, each one with a limited range of personalization options. Meanwhile, a custom home builder creates a unique house that provides an even better array of design choices that is built on just one lot.

What You Need To Expect From A Production and Custom Home Builder?

The National Association of Home Builders said most production based home builders provide a home and land in a single package. It offers different house plans to select from and lets buyers choose their preferred design/style from a menu in various product categories. The houses are priced for move up, first time, and luxury home buyers.

Custom Home Builders

As the name suggest, the process involved in constructing a custom home is far less scripted since there are no menus or predefined selections to choose from.

Custom homes are:

  • It is built on the land you acquire or you plan to own.
  • You can provide a floor plan or you could commission a set of floor plans that are drawn from scratch.
  • You could work with a different builder and architect or with a design build firm that will take care of both the construction process and the architectural design.
  • You will be involved in the construction process and have the chance to make several decisions.
  • You can choose from almost any product in a certain category within your budget, instead of choosing from a preset menu of choices.

Why Hire A Custom Home Builder?

 A Custom home builder is far better for your budget. If you have chosen to purchase a new custom home, you will most likely be working with a budget. In case you limit yourself to purchasing a prebuilt home, or choosing a cookie cutter house design, you won’t be getting value for your money.

In case you choose to hire a custom home builder, you will have the chance to create the house that you’ve dreamed of, with no missed opportunities or regrets. At Dawol Homes, we will work with you all the way. We will listen to your needs and wants and offer you guidance based on our years of experience in the home building industry. Our team will make sure that you have a personalized home that is going to last a lifetime.

Call Dawol Homes if you are thinking of building a custom home.

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