custom homeHere are a few things you need to know about a production home, semi-custom home, and custom home.

Production Home

A production home has the exact same design that’s been used several times. These are commonly seen in neighborhoods that are constructed by large-volume custom home builders. These houses, also known as tract homes, may be found in suburban places outside places that have a dense population so bigger tracts of land are divided to support such kind of home building. All homes in the community could be constructed by just one home builder who is also the owner of the lot. There are several production home builders with great reputation and regional or local custom home builders that could fall within this category.

Custom Home

A custom home is a distinct and uniquely designed home that’s built from scratch. This procedure involves collaboration among the custom builder, homeowner, architect, as well as different parties involved in the logistics and design. In most cases, the home lot is big factor in the construction and design. Most of the time, the homeowner has already chosen the lot where he or she wants to build the house. Custom home builders Myrtle Beach are known for their high quality work and are focused on a regional or smaller local market.

Semi-Custom Home

Semi-custom houses are customized homes that are constructed according to a pre-existing set of floor plans, which may have been changed to meet the needs of the buyer. It is also a term used for a few production home builders who offer greater flexibility and a wide range of options to tailor make their stock plans for their new homebuyer.

Pros and Cons of Production Homes

Production homes are constructed at different prices, but provide a lot of cost savings and value for homebuyers. This is a hassle free benefit to all these stock floor plans. There general a lot of plan options and choices to choose from, but without the need to go through the stress of making decision every day when building from the ground up. The production home building process saves time and lets buyers move in quickly.

There are instances when production houses are referred to cookie cutter homes, which have a negative reputation. Because of the homogenous nature of those house plans, several times there are a few options when checking out finishing touches like flooring cabinets or room configuration, as well as low flexibility when the course of a plan was set into action.

Pros and Cons of Custom Homes

Custom houses provide to huge benefits, flexibility and choice. These houses provide a homeowner with a choice in nearly everything during the process of home building, from the foundation then to the flooring and to the doorknobs. Custom home builders enjoy flexibility when mixing plans and styles to build a house that is constructed according to the lifestyle and needs of the homeowner.

Obviously, this flexibility comes with a price – cost and time. Since either the home builder or the homebuyer, you’ll be taking care of the decision making, stress, mistakes, and dealing with more setbacks compared to the typical production home.

Carefully consider your home construction choices and maintain a balance between price, quality, personalization, and peace of mind.

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