Myrtle Beach custom home builderWhen interviewing potential custom home builders, there are twelve questions you need to ask. The answers they provide will help you determine their communication style, their eagerness to be involved in the process, and their understanding of your project.

Questions You Have To Ask A Custom Home Builder

  1. Can you work with my designer during the designing phase to make sure that we are building a home that meets the set budget?
  2. What methods and strategies do you plan to use to know the actual cost of the custom home?
  3. How do you want to be compensated for the services you render during the preconstruction phase?
  4. Is the quality and style of the house we want to have within your comfort zone?
  5. Who will manage the construction of the house and how frequently will the custom home building be supervised directly?
  6. Can I meet the project superintendent or the project manager who will sit on top of the project daily?
  7. How do you plan to address any concerns or inquiries during the construction process?
  8. How competent are the subcontractors who will be working on my custom home building project?
  9. In case there are alterations or adjustments on the design or any unexpected circumstances that will lead to additional cost, what methods will you use to inform the designer or the owner?
  10. How long do you need to complete this project?
  11. How will you be paid for your work?
  12. How will you service the warranty once the construction of my custom home is complete?

There are many things you need to track during the construction of your custom home and that is why it is crucial that the Myrtle Beach custom home builder you hire has an organized and clear system to monitor all of the aspects of the project.

The custom home builder must be able to give you certain documents to show in detail their methods and processes. He or she must present a sample of the following:

  1. Contract and preferred way of compensation
  2. Budget and thorough explanation of the tracking, invoicing, and payments of monthly billings
  3. Draw requests to a lender and complete description of the process.
  4. Lien release as well as overview of your rights under the county and state law.
  5. Construction schedule showing the building timeline, milestones, projected cash flow, and crucial decisions that should be made
  6. Change order request as well as description of the processes
  7. Warranty
  8. Maintenance and operational manual

Once the initial interview is done, don’t forget to ask the custom home builder to give a list of their past clients, at least three, and two existing clients. Get in touch with them and meet them personally. That way, you will get to hear what they have to say and obtain answers to important questions. If possible, you should also visit the houses of their past clients or at least check them out from the outside.

Here are some questions you should ask the references:

  1. Where original estimates correct?
  2. Was the custom home building project completed on time?
  3. Was the custom home building project completed on budget?
  4. Did the custom home builder require you to make decisions on a timely manner?
  5. Where the finances transparent and clear?
  6. What were the reactions of your custom home builder when faced with stressful circumstances?
  7. Did the custom home builder clearly communicate the schedule?
  8. When the project started, what role did your custom home builder take?
  9. Where there other contractors who worked for your custom home builder on the project that you will hire in case you wanted another house built?
  10. How did your custom home builder respond to callbacks?
  11. Was the project organized and clean?
  12. Were there any subcontractors who worked on the project that you want to or do not want to recommend?

Additional Research:

References don’t end with clients. You have to know the builder’s credentials and current standing with the State Contractors Board as well as the Better Business Bureau. You also need to ask your builder if they have held or currently hold contractor licenses in other states over the past ten years. If so, you should also check their track record in those states.

All builders must have insurance and bonds so be sure to search for the requirements that were set by the State Contractors Board. Ask the contractor to provide you with proof that he is bonded and insured. In case there has been an incident or claim, this does not immediately mean that the contractor is bad. However, you have to check the nature of the claim and determine if you can move forward.

Trade and supplier references also provide an excellent method to research about your custom home builder’s standing. Get in touch with key subcontractors and suppliers and inquire about the builder’s payment history. You should also ask them how it is to work with the custom home builder.

You also need to make sure that your custom home builder is financially solvent and have a good credit rating because your lender will most likely require the financial information of your contractor before he gets approved as your builder.

You also need an attorney who is well versed in contracts and construction law. Have him review the agreement that was proposed by the builder and have him edit the contract if necessary so as to protect your investment and meet your requirements. You must understand all the sections of your contract and be comfortable with the terms.

You should also have a private inspector to verify that the materials and labor being billed every month have been achieved and on site especially if you are building your custom home from cash or without a traditional construction loan.

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