custom homeThe universal design’s principle hopes to create a built environment that’s accessible for as many people as possible, and for as long as they live. It’s partly rooted in design for those who are handicapped. However, universal design principles likewise support those who prefer to age in place. Multigenerational house plans with a universal design are becoming increasingly popular because the long life expectancy these days means many people live longer and they parents are still alive even when they are old themselves. If you are thinking of building a custom home that accommodates aging in place, there are a few things you need to know.

Things To Look For In Aging-In-Place Custom Home Plans

Single Level Designs

As a person ages, he or she will find it hard to go up and down the stairs. It’s also impossible for those who are in wheelchairs. In case a multi-story design is needed, then house should have an elevator.

Wheelchair Access Especially in the Bathrooms

Showers must not have a curb. Also, walk in tubs are suitable for the elderly. Apart from that, all transitional spaces should be wide enough so it could accommodate wheelchair movement. Ideally speaking, all of the open areas must be more than 60 inches by 60 inches. This is the space required for turning. If there are corridors, they must be as wide as possible and should be unobstructed. Lastly, having a seat in the shower is ideal in a house that caters aging in place.

Pull Down and Pull Down Shelving

Older people will find it difficult to use deep shelving units. So having pull out and pull down cabinet shelves are good options.

Multi-level Counters

People will work comfortably and efficiently if there are countertops with different heights.

Remote Control Windows and Blinds

This is a wonderful addition to a house especially for seniors who want to age in place in a custom home.

Slip Resistance

The most common accidents encountered by the elderly is falling. A home that’s multi-generational must include surfaces that are slip resistant. There should also be grab bars in the bathroom and in all other places where spills are most likely to happen.

Lever Door Handles and Twist Free Faucets

Retirement home plans must not include features that seniors with arthritis will find it hard to use.

Open Floor Plan

A combined living, dining, and kitchen are is much easier to navigate for all those who are in wheelchairs. There will be more room to move around if there are fewer twisting halls. This will also make rearranging furniture easier as seniors age in place. Aside from that, open floor plans will let people to monitor their environment through lines of sight instead of their sense of hearing.

Force Required Must Be No More Than 5 Pounds

As people grow older, their strength will also wane. If you wish to accommodate this, the designers of custom home Myrtle Beach with multi-generational plans will make sure that the house is functional without the need to use more than five pounds of force.

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