new home constructionA new home construction is an exciting adventure. This is your chance to build your masterpiece from the ground up. It will be your home for many years to follow. It can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. There may be bumps in your path and additional costs that may surprise you. Understanding the process of building a home and its complexities will help you be better prepared for the months ahead. This is the foundation of your family. They will evolve and grow from this. We can help you and all your family members understand the process.

New Home Construction Phase 1: Plans and Permitting

First, you need to create a set of plans together with an architect. After the plans are approved, they need to be sealed by an engineer. A Florida energy form is required in order to obtain a building permit. It includes all the necessary energy features and calculates an estimated energy value for the home. Next, we will need to have truss plans as well as cut sheets for each sliding glass door and window. Before a builder can apply to for a building permit, all of these items must be provided by the municipality.

Phase 2 of the Home Building Project: The Site Work, Masonry and Construction Phase

Next, you need to prepare the site with the help of your custom home builder. To begin construction, a crew will have to level the ground and clear the terrain. Additional fill may be required in many locations to raise the house to the minimum flood elevation, as required by the Federal Government. Next, the footings must be dug and poured. The stem wall is then laid and filled. The stem wall is then filled with underground plumbing and electrical. Finally, the slab is poured. The slab is then poured. Next, an exterior block wall is constructed and then a lintel is laid. This secures the walls to their footings.

Framing is Phase 3 of Home Building

The roof trusses will be installed and sheathed next. Next, the roof is covered with tar paper. The interior framing can be completed.

Fourth Phase of Home Building: Plumbing, Electric & More

After the exterior is completed, you can tackle the interior of your home.

  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Wiring for security systems, electronic devices and telephones

Once this inspection is completed, another round of inspections will be required in order to continue the home building process.

Phase 5 of Home Building: Insulation, Drywall and Flooring

The next item to be addressed is insulation. Insulation is a way to regulate the climate of the home and improve the energy efficiency. There are three main types of insulation: blanket insulation, foam insulation and fiberglass insulation. After the drywall has been completed, exterior finishes such as stucco and siding can be applied. The next step is to install cabinets as well as flooring, along with bathroom finishes like sinks,toilets, and tubs.

Phase 6 of Home Building: Landscaping and Exterior Aspects

Now it’s time for driveways, walkways and pools. The final step in the process is landscaping. Your Myrtle Beach home builder will help you with this, too. It will vary depending on your area and budget. This is the last inspection. If everything goes smoothly, a Certificate Of Occupancy will then be issued. The last inspection of your home will be done by your builder to make sure it meets all your expectations.

Your Journey to Home Building

There are many things that go on when you build a home. We hope you are now more familiar with the process and ready to begin your home-building journey. 


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