custom home buildersYou don’t need to spend a lot of money to build a custom home. You can actually build the home you want with some cost-effective planning, a budget that is well-defined, and an economical approach. All this while still saving money on each phase. These tips will help you save money while building the perfect home for your family with the help of custom home builders.

The Design Phase: Saving Money

These tips are for someone who is already quite far along their path to homebuilding. Someone who has chosen their lot and set a budget, and narrowed down what type of house they want. Even if you’re not yet at this stage you can still benefit from some useful tips.

Custom Home Builder Tips

These four tips will help you save money if you are in the design phase.

The cost of a home is more expensive the larger it is

Although this tip may seem obvious, it is crucial if you are to stay within your budget. It is easy to assume that a 1,250-square-foot home will cost the same as a 1,000-square-foot home during the design phase. However, since you’re only adding 250 square footage, it is not difficult to see how this could be true. If your home is $100 per square feet, the extra 250 feet will only cost you $25,000. You can maximize your dollar by keeping your floor plan simple but highly functional. An open floor plan that includes multi-purpose living areas is a great way to stretch your dollars even further. Open floor plans give you the feeling of a larger home without having to build it. The flexible spaces allow for future changes and make your life easier.

The right aesthetic (and the most economical)

The design phase should include the aesthetics of your home. Tell your Myrtle Beach home builder about it. Concrete flooring might be a good option if you are looking for an industrial look. Concrete floors that are stained can be costly. You might consider sealing the floors with a color that you can reuse for future projects. If you combine the right interior design choices with an unfinished look, you can get the final product you want without spending a lot. It is fine to leave some projects unfinished when designing your custom home. You will be able to match your desired aesthetic and still get a beautiful end result.

It is important to choose cost-effective features

You should pick your essential features during the design phase. It is also important to consider whether these features will be cost-effective. You can live with faux wood floors of high quality that are less expensive than traditional hardwood floors. You can avoid having unexpectedly high costs by setting clear expectations in the design phase.

Research can help you cut costs. You can visit model homes and open houses, but you must also conduct research on a nationwide scale. You can save money by doing some research on the cost-saving strategies you can incorporate into the design of your dream home. Research can help you save time and money during construction. Knowing exactly what you want before the first nail is driven will help you do your part in helping your general contractor keep on schedule and within budget.

custom home builders Myrtle BeachThe Right Contractor Can Save You Money

It is possible to save money by choosing a contractor. However, it can only be done indirectly. Hiring a reliable building company that delivers on time and within budget can help you save money. It is not always wise to try to save money during the bidding process.

You can still find a fair offer by opening the bidding. If the home builder is able to justify their bid in a way that you find reasonable and logical, extreme bids should be rejected. A low bid can lead to unforeseen costs later, such as delays or poor workmanship.

It is a good idea to create a list of pros and cons for each candidate to help you choose the right contractor. Consider things such as reasonable upgrades, inclusive-based prices, reviews and recent projects. This guide will help you find a reliable contractor. A contractor can also tell you about their relationships with suppliers and national vendors. These relationships can lead to huge savings in the building phase.

Dawol Homes is a design-build company that provides both design and construction services. This streamlines the process and offers a single point for communication. This is especially useful for custom home builds and large additions that require structural changes. It’s much more likely that the project will be completed on-time and within budget when design and construction teams work together.

No matter if your contractor works in a design-build company or independently, it is important to establish clear communication with them. Your priorities and expectations should be communicated to the contractor. Your budget should be known to the contractor so that he can suggest ways to reduce costs. A good builder will tell you that standard sizes are better than custom windows. This can help you save thousands.

Do it yourself (when it makes sense)

You don’t have to hire a contractor for some jobs. However, you can still do some DIY projects if you have basic tools. You can save money by buying and installing hardware for your kitchen cabinets and drawers. The project cost and your contractor selection will determine which projects you can DIY. You can always complete small projects once the contractor is done. As with the concrete floor example above, you can save some home-building projects for a rainy or when you feel particularly handy.

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