new homesIf you want to design your new home that will make the most out of the distinct geography as well as views of land that you like, then you are a candidate for a BOYL or build on your lot, home. Listed here are the steps to help you get started.

Building Your New Home

Pick a starting point

The process of new home construction on your own lot could begin in any one of these four places:

  • With the land that you love – if you are inheriting a land or you already own one, you are a step ahead of the dreaming phase. If you have not found the perfect lot yet, then you should work with a realtor who can help you out or contact a custom home builder who can help you find the perfect location.

  • With an architect – based on your budget as well as the customization level you want, you can hire an architect who can transfer your idea to a blueprint.
  • With a floor plan – you will find a lot of floor plans being sold online. You can bring them to a custom home builder for inspiration. They can also customize it according to your preferences.
  • With a custom home builder – most custom home builders provide a selection floor plans to pick from. In most cases, home builders permit extra customization, which range from choosing the flooring or painting colors to adding different features and rooms.

Study Your Land

The second step in building your new home on your land is to hire a civil engineer to make sure that you are adhering to the regulations for the area where your land is found. Things like plumbing, water source, and electricity all have to be checked out. This must be an open conversation with your custom home builder. If you would like your house aligned in a specific way or paced in a certain area on the land, make sure your builder knows about it so they could collaborate on how to obtain the basic resources for your new home laid out.

Customize the Floor Plan

The third step is a fun part. It’s when you can design and customize your house to fit your needs and lifestyle. Consider your everyday life. Are you working from home? An individual office or a workspace is crucial. Do you have an older loved one that you look after? You have to talk to your custom home builder about adding a suite on the first floor. Even the aspects like how often you host others or what rooms you would like to spend the most time in could affect your floor plan. Another method to think about when it comes to customization is to consider the home’s exterior and how that may affect the interior design and floor plan.

Determine How Long Is Needed To Build On Your Lot

Building a new home will take about four to six months if your custom home builder from Dawol Homes has already constructed your floor plan, however, it could take a lot longer when you are having a totally new design built or if you are asking for a comprehensive customization.

Talk to your custom home builder regarding the time frame that you’re considering for your custom built homes Myrtle Beach. They will tell you if your expectations are realistic. If it is, then great. Contracts could be signed and then the construction could move forward. If it is not a realistic deadline, then you have to work with your custom home builder about what phases would take the longest, and then decide if they are needed.


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