Creative Ways To Design The Kitchen In Your Custom Home

custom homeThe kitchen layout for your custom home can make or break your space. It is the most important design decision that you make.

How do you choose the right layout for your custom home in Myrtle Beach? It can be difficult to choose the right layout for your space, given the many options available and the fact that it is a very important aspect of the room. We have made it easier by gathering the majority of the top kitchen layouts. No matter the size or style of your kitchen, we have you covered.

Kitchen Layout Ideas For Your Custom Home

1. Consider How Your Space Will Be Used

Before you start looking at the various kitchen layout options, it is a good idea to think about how you will use your space.

  • Who will use your space?
  • Do you enjoy cooking?
  • Do you need the space to be creative?
  • Do you host guests and want a space that is comfortable for them?
  • Is your kitchen a workspace in the morning or a homework area at night?
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custom homeHow do you find the best plan? How can you find the perfect plan for you? Below are some tips to help you get started in finding the perfect plan for a custom home with a mother-in-law suite.

Will A Tract Home Builder Add A Mother-In-Law Suite?

You might be wondering what a tract home builder is. These professionals build neighborhoods that are filled with houses in your area. A few of them are national firms while others are more local to a state or county. They are also known as mainstream builders or cookie-cutter builders.

The issue with basic plans made by tract home builders is that many of them do not include in-law suites. The majority of them commonly have two master suites and they think that they are enough. So what will you do if the tiny bedroom on the main level just won’t cut it?

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How To Maximize The Attic Storage In Your Custom Home

custom homeDo you want more storage space incorporated into your custom home? If so, you are you’re probably thinking of your garage. But did you know that your attic can also provide you with more storage? Here are some tips on how to maximize this part of your house.

Tips To Maximize Attic Space In Your Custom Home

Control The Temperature In The Attic

Whatever it is that you’re planning to store in your attic, you have to consider insulating the space or some kind of temperature control.

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Questions To Answer Before Deciding To Build A Custom Home

custom homeThere comes a time when some people have gone through the tedious and nightmarish process of purchasing a house. That first house is commonly modest but the excitement they felt was memorable. As they go on with their life, they eventually decide to build a custom home. But before anything else, there are a few questions they need to ask themselves.

Can I Afford A Custom Home?

When you are looking at it on paper, it seems like building a custom home in Myrtle Beach isn’t that expensive. Although the numbers you see on paper show an attractive price, you have to take into account the unexpected construction costs of building a home. For example, although lumber may be down in price today, if the build has been delayed, that framing cost could easily go up.

And although your land might seem to be all set to build on today, you may discover later on that it still needs to be surveyed. Be sure that you can afford whatever number is on the price breakdown and have enough cash to spend on unplanned costs without blowing your budget. Check the numbers and make sure that you sign on for the price that you can afford.

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5 Types of Porches to Consider for Your Custom Home

custom homeYour porch and front door are your welcome mat and will welcome guests to your home. The curb appeal of your house is affected by the style of your front porch. It also determines what decor options you have and whether or not you can use them. There are many porch styles available so it is easy to choose the one that suits your needs. These are some porches that you should consider when building your dream custom home.

5 Front Porch Styles For Your Custom Home

There are many front porch styles that you can choose from to create the exterior look you desire for your custom home in Myrtle Beach.

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Should A Sunroom Be Added To Your Custom Home?

custom home sunroomSunrooms make a beautiful addition to any home. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when it is not sunny. These rooms are great for entertaining, family activities, or even indoor gardening. This is how you can decide if a sunroom should be added to your custom home.

Why Add A Sunroom To Your Custom Home?

1. They add natural light

Named after the sun, it is obvious that a sunroom lets natural light in to your home. Sunrooms have a lot of windows so you can enjoy the sun without having to expose yourself to the elements.

Insulate your sunroom if you plan on heating and cooling it all year. You can save money if you use the room only when it is warm.

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How To Choose The Perfect Roofing For Your Custom Home

custom homeYou’re likely to be more excited about the fun aspects of designing your dream custom home than the practical ones when you begin planning. The practical aspects are also important and should be considered. Roofs are an important part of your home. However, there are so many options available. It can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you choose the right roof for your home.

1. Style

Depending on the material you choose, roofing can provide a variety of aesthetics. You should match the exterior of your home with the material you choose.

2. Weather

When weighing your options for roofing, keep in mind the climate of your area. The roof is one of the most important barriers between the weather outside and your home’s interior. Some materials and styles work best in certain climates and weather conditions.

In wetter climates, slate and slate alternatives can be a great choice. It is resistant to mildew and can be a great choice for custom homes in Myrtle Beach if a waterproof back is applied.

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10 Pet-Friendly Custom Home Design Ideas

custom homeStudies have shown that pet ownership has psychological benefits. People feel a special bond with animals. It is important to have a pet-friendly custom home so that both pets and owners can enjoy the benefits. It’s a great opportunity to ensure that your dream home is also a home that your pets will love. These are some pet-friendly home design ideas that you can use to ensure your home meets your pet’s needs.

Make Your Custom Home Pet Friendly

1. Make sure you have enough space on your lot for a backyard with plenty of grass and running room

You should also take into consideration your pets when searching for land to build your dream home. Your backyard should be able to accommodate your pets. Give your dog room to run and have fun in your backyard.

It allows your dog to exercise and run and ensures that they are happy and healthy. The size of your yard will depend on what breed you have, but plenty of space is good for both you and your dog’s mental health. A fun backyard is a great option for family-friendly custom home design!

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6 Tips To Choose Exterior Colors For Your Custom Home

custom homeYou can work closely with your builder when designing and building a custom home. This includes choosing exterior colors for your home. Here are some tips to help you choose exterior colors for your home.

Choosing Your Custom Home’s Exterior Color

1. Take into consideration the design of your home

Your home design can fit in with a particular architectural style or era depending on your taste and style. This is where exterior colors may work better than others to match the style.

While you may want to consider other factors when choosing your final colors, it is worth considering your home’s design to narrow down your options.

If your home has a farmhouse-style design, high-gloss black, natural wood, and white are all options. Black, natural wood, and white are some of the most popular modern exterior design ideas.

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6 Steps to Choose Your Custom Home Floor Plan

custom homeYour floor plan is the most important thing when it comes to designing a custom home. Although it can be difficult to design your home, a floor plan will help you and your builder get a good idea of how your home will look in the end.

Find the right floor plan for your custom home

#1 Determine how much space you need

The first step to choosing a floor plan for your custom home is to determine how much space you will need. The number of floors, bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

Do you have a new family? Or will they soon move out? Are you happy with the amount of space you have on your lot or do you prefer a smaller yard if you have all the amenities?

You will know exactly what space you require in your new home construction, such as an office, formal dining room, or playroom. You’ll be able to determine how much space is needed and how it will translate into a floor plan.

Although you may have an idea about the types of floor plans that you prefer, it is worth doing some research and talking to your custom home builder.

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