custom homeBuilding a custom home is not exclusive to wealthy buyers who are looking to have an expansive house. As a matter of fact, today’s trends show that buyers these days mostly want a smaller home footprint. Especially retirees who are downsizing.

According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, about 42% of buyers will sacrifice square footage to have a home that’s affordable. Last year, the size of an average new home for a single family is below 2,500 square feet, which continues a five year trend where homes are becoming smaller. Unlike others who think bigger is better, a lot of today’s home buyers prefer a home that’s affordable, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Are you considering a small custom home? Here are a few things you need to consider.

How much can you afford?

Get in touch with lenders to get an idea of just how much mortgage you are going to qualify for before you begin anything else. Know how much a banker will most likely loan you, and how much your monthly payments will be. This will help you keep you within your budget once the design process starts.

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Creative Ways To Design The Kitchen In Your Custom Home

custom homeThe kitchen layout for your custom home can make or break your space. It is the most important design decision that you make.

How do you choose the right layout for your custom home in Myrtle Beach? It can be difficult to choose the right layout for your space, given the many options available and the fact that it is a very important aspect of the room. We have made it easier by gathering the majority of the top kitchen layouts. No matter the size or style of your kitchen, we have you covered.

Kitchen Layout Ideas For Your Custom Home

1. Consider How Your Space Will Be Used

Before you start looking at the various kitchen layout options, it is a good idea to think about how you will use your space.

  • Who will use your space?
  • Do you enjoy cooking?
  • Do you need the space to be creative?
  • Do you host guests and want a space that is comfortable for them?
  • Is your kitchen a workspace in the morning or a homework area at night?
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How To Maximize The Attic Storage In Your Custom Home

custom homeDo you want more storage space incorporated into your custom home? If so, you are you’re probably thinking of your garage. But did you know that your attic can also provide you with more storage? Here are some tips on how to maximize this part of your house.

Tips To Maximize Attic Space In Your Custom Home

Control The Temperature In The Attic

Whatever it is that you’re planning to store in your attic, you have to consider insulating the space or some kind of temperature control.

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5 Types of Porches to Consider for Your Custom Home

custom homeYour porch and front door are your welcome mat and will welcome guests to your home. The curb appeal of your house is affected by the style of your front porch. It also determines what decor options you have and whether or not you can use them. There are many porch styles available so it is easy to choose the one that suits your needs. These are some porches that you should consider when building your dream custom home.

5 Front Porch Styles For Your Custom Home

There are many front porch styles that you can choose from to create the exterior look you desire for your custom home in Myrtle Beach.

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6 Tips To Choose Exterior Colors For Your Custom Home

custom homeYou can work closely with your builder when designing and building a custom home. This includes choosing exterior colors for your home. Here are some tips to help you choose exterior colors for your home.

Choosing Your Custom Home’s Exterior Color

1. Take into consideration the design of your home

Your home design can fit in with a particular architectural style or era depending on your taste and style. This is where exterior colors may work better than others to match the style.

While you may want to consider other factors when choosing your final colors, it is worth considering your home’s design to narrow down your options.

If your home has a farmhouse-style design, high-gloss black, natural wood, and white are all options. Black, natural wood, and white are some of the most popular modern exterior design ideas.

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Five Key Benefits of Building a Custom Home

custom homeBuilding a custom home has many advantages. A custom home builder allows you to focus on your priorities. Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you sleep, and it’s also where you wake up every day.

It is your main place to relax. It is where your family grows, comes together, and can influence how that happens. It is sensible to design a home around your needs.

Is there a best way to build a custom home? It doesn’t really matter. There are two options. You can either work with a model builder or a custom builder. You can also work with Synergy Home, which does both. It really comes down to which model or custom is best for you.

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14 Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Custom Home

custom homeIt is possible to design a house from scratch. There are so many possibilities and opportunities. You’re trying to fit your entire life into a design of someone else’s home. A custom home allows you to design a space that is just right for you.

We shouldn’t let our imaginations get carried away with fairytales. Custom builds aren’t always rainbows and unicorns. It can be difficult, even for those who are experienced in the process.

Here’s some Mayker insider information to help you find great people and avoid costly landmines if you are thinking of breaking ground or building from scratch.

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Custom homeWhat is the most common reason to have a custom home built? First of all, you get everything you want. For some, that’s the only reason they need but for others, they need more than just that. In case you are looking a new house in the market but you’re finding it difficult to choose between a custom home or to personalize a semi custom home or production home, listed below are a few reasons why you should consider the first option.

Why Go For A Custom Home?

Future Proof Home

Future proofing means different things however, but this is mostly about family planning. Among the most common reasons why a lot of people have to uproot, put their homes in the market and purchase a new one is for them to accommodate a growing family. A custom house gives you that. You will have the chance to design your living space that will fit your needs today but also takes into account the many surprises that may come your way in the future.

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custom homeWhen it comes to building a custom home, you’ve most likely asked yourself how long will it take? The timeline depends on the various phases, however, things like materials, weather, as well as worker availability could also affect the process. But, if everything goes according to plan, the timeline should like this:

Designing Your Custom Home

Before the Build

Before doing anything, you have to look for a predesigned plan or perhaps an architect who can design your home. This is where you’ll find how far your money will go and what it takes to build your dream home.

At this point, you have to know the answers to certain questions like how big you want your home to be, where will the master bedroom face, or should all bedrooms be on the second floor. You need to have all these details in place at this phase so you will have higher chances of having a home that you like.

Building a custom home will take much longer than a predesigned home. One good way to make sure that you do not get too absorbed or overwhelmed by the design phase is to always keep your end goal in mind.

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Design Features For a Family-Friendly Custom Home

custom homeYou don’t have to choose a chic home plan if your custom home is just for you and your significant other. But if you are building a home for yourself or a partner, it doesn’t really matter if it’s not kid-friendly. If you have children, you will want a house design that is both family-friendly and has logical features that can be used by the kids.

These are some features you should look out for in a family-friendly design to ensure your loved ones and you feel at home long term.

A Mudroom in your Custom Home

Children are not as careful about what they bring with them in their shoes. This can lead to chaos in your home. A mudroom acts as a catch-all between the entryway and the main area of your house. Some people decide to include a mudroom off the front door. This is where children can leave their shoes and coats behind, and it won’t be the first thing they see when they enter the house.

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