Property Taxes Preparation Tips When Constructing A New Home

custom homeBuilding a custom home that has the amenities you need is quite different from purchasing a pre-owned home from a real estate building especially when we are talking about property taxes. Without the exact figure based on a historical amount, how will you know how much you need to roll into your mortgage or save? This has kept a lot of families wondering about the ongoing costs of home ownership especially when it comes to buying a newly built custom home. As confusing as it may seem at first, it actually just requires a little untangling. With a little research and legwork, you can have an answer that will relieve you of your stress that is related to your new home’s property taxes.

Property Taxes In Your Location

It does not matter where you construct your home, you will always be required to pay property taxes. If you are new to home ownership, you might not even realize that property taxes differ from one municipality to another. Generally, property taxes are evaluated by the local government, but also have federal and state consideration.

The first kind of tax that goes into calculating any property tax is the millage for your specific jurisdiction. The millage is a property tax that is due for every $1,000 in property assessment; it’s actually presented in the form of a percentage. For example, when your property is evaluated at $200,000, and the mill levy or millage rate is 1%, you need to multiply the $200,000 by 0.1 to obtain $2,000, which is the amount you have to pay for your millage tax.

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Is It A Good Time To Build A Custom Home During Winter?

custom homeHome buyers and custom home builders alike generally assume that new custom home construction is done best during the warmer season like summer and spring. Most people think that cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions can complicate things and cause delays in the building process. But it is not true that building a custom home during winter is a bad idea. There are many reasons why this season is the perfect time for home construction.

Building A Custom Home During Winter

  1. Shorter Construction Times

The average construction of a custom home Myrtle Beach takes around nine months, from beginning to the end. However, if you begin during the winter season, you will be able to cut down significantly on this particular time frame. The volume of home construction is lower than other seasons. That means if you have a house built during this time, the custom home builder can spend more time on your project and finish it much sooner. Additionally, the professionals you need to hire during this period, like trim carpenters, designers, and subcontractors, as well as engineers are not as very busy during winter. Lastly, getting building permits is much easier since fewer people are applying for one during this time of year.

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custom homeYou have a whole new year ahead of you and 2019 could very well be the perfect time for you to take one exciting project. Do you want to get the home of your dreams? If so then, you should build a new custom home. Although the project remains a challenging endeavor because custom designed homes take a lot of time and effort on the part of the owner and the custom home builders. Are you prepared to take on this kind of project? Should  you have questions about the process involved in custom home building, then this post is perfect for you.

Benefits of Building A Custom Designed Home

One good thing about working with custom home builders to build your dream home is that you will have control over nearly everything. It offers several benefits such as:

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5 Most Popular Features In a New Custom Home

custom homeThe home features that people desire have evolved throughout the years and home design continues to change to reflect the preferences of homeowners. Although it was once considered as crucial, a formal living room these days is no longer considered necessary. People these days know very well what they want to have in their new custom home.

Top 5 Features In A New Custom Home

The National Association of Home Builders said buyers prefer the following custom home features:

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Custom HomeCan you give one obvious reason why you should have a custom home? You get all you want in a house, exactly the way you want it. For some, that’s a good enough reason, but others, may need more convincing. If you are in the market for a new home, but finding it difficult to decide whether you should build a custom home or just go with a production home or “semi-home.”


10    Reasons Why A Custom Home Is The Best Choice


  1. You will have a future-proof home.

Future proofing can mean many things. However, let’s focus on family planning. One of the most common reasons why people sell their home or purchase a new house, is to accommodate the needs of their growing family. A custom  home Myrtle Beach will offer you the chance to create a living space that meets your needs today, but also considers the many surprises that might come your way in the future.

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6 Things To Consider Before Building A Custom Home On An Existing Lot

custom homeLooking for the perfect lot where you can build your custom home isn’t easy. Since 1978, the median size for residential lots dropped by 13%, mainly due to the increased competition for lands in the United States. Aside from that, many available lots aren’t always what they appear to be. Problems can arise from failing to consider flooding risks, property conditions, and zoning laws. These concerns include property maintenance issues, compromised safety, and unexpected expenses.


6 Factors To Consider Before Building A Custom Home On An Existing Lot


  1. The Lot’s General Condition

Don’t assume that a lot is in good condition just because it seems like it. Purchasing an existing lot based on impulse and without having the soil tested and the property evaluated can lead to damage to your health and home. Possible lot buyers have to request a formal property evaluation or seek out the recommendations of an experienced custom home builder to avoid these possible hazards.

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What You Need To Know About Construction Loans

custom homeYou can easily find traditional mortgages, but they usually come with a catch. You can just borrow money to purchase a house that’s been built already. On the other hand, construction loans can be used for everything that you need to build a custom home or even a commercial establishment. They can also be used for renovating your property or purchasing a land.

What are construction loans for your custom home?

If you need a short term loan to build a custom home then you need a construction loan. You can use the loan to purchase a lot, build on a property that you already have, or remodel an existing structure, in case the program permits. Construction loans are much like a line of credit since you only get the amount of money you need to finish each phase of a project. So, you’ll pay only the interest on the amount that you borrowed.

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6 Decisions You Need To Make Before Building A Custom Home

custom homeDon’t let anything discourage you from building a custom home. If you’ve already, you’ll eventually be hearing the opinions of your relatives and friends about building a house. Some of it will be positive while others will be negative.

Building a custom home isn’t that difficult as long as you have a well prepared plan. This will reduce, if not get rid, the obstacles, and other concerns that comes along with home building.

6 Questions To Answer Before Building A Custom Home

  1. Where do you want to build your custom home?

Location is extremely important when it comes to building a custom home Myrtle Beach. You can build a bad wall and tear it down to build a new one but you can’t move or choose another property. You need to be careful when buying a property.

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custom homeNothing can compare to the experience of raising your kids in your own uniquely built custom home. A custom home builder will construct your home according to your taste and preferences. He will take your personal style and embed it into the very core of your house. From the foundation down to the landscape, it will exhibit your likes and there is no other way to tell the world what’s really in your heart. You can build your dream home from the ground up and enjoy the safety and comfort that it provides you upon completion. These kinds of houses require a huge financial investment, but they are worth every penny. A home that’s built by a custom home builder is more than just a home. It is going to be your personal sanctuary.

Why Hire A Custom Home Builder

Custom homes must reflect on your tastes, it is therefore not recommended to just copy another homeowner’s design just because they look cool. Opt for a house that makes you feel complete every day. Your kids will also grow in this house so let your home be a place that will remind your children of you. A custom home builder will help you build the home of your dreams whether it is a custom ranch home or a custom suburban house.

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Preparation Tips Before Building Your Custom Home

custom homeThe process of custom home building doesn’t start with pouring the foundation. Building a house is exciting and most efficient if you first come up with a good plan and hire a competent and honest custom home builder. Listed below are five crucial steps that will help you avoid costly blunders when building your home.

What To Do Before Building A Custom Home

  1. Plan Your Budget

Start considering your budget from the moment you begin thinking about building your home. Come up with a realistic budget plan that you can afford and determine how much a custom home will cost. During this phase, you need to balance your wants and the realistic evaluation of your budget.

  1. Choose Your Lot

If you haven’t purchased a lot for your custom home, consult your realtors and ask for a rough estimate of the cost of the land in the areas where you are considering. Even though land costs differ significantly based on the local land costs, you should remember that about 25% of the new home cost will be allotted for the land purchase.

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