custom homeJump-starting the construction of your new home is a difficult undertaking. Despite being able to save enough money for several years, a part of you will always wonder whether it is enough. You might even think that you are still not prepared for this huge investment. We recognize and understand the fact that starting the construction process can be very difficult. However, with the right prep work and planning, the construction of your custom home won’t be as scary as you first thought. Provided below are some tips to help get your dream custom home construction project started.

Find The Perfect Location For a Custom Home

A lot of people overlook this step. It is very easy to jump through the most enjoyable part, which is to plan and design the house. However, before you can jump into that, you need to find a place where you desire to live. For many people, this choice relies mainly on their family size and their budget. There are some who wish to stay in their existing home right up until their new custom home has been completed. However, for many, this is just not possible because of their finances. For many, they would rather sell their existing home and use the cash for the construction of their new custom home. Although this is a good method of saving money, it does not answer the question, “where will you live?”

Dawol Homes can help you with finding the perfect location for your home. Myrtle Beach offers a wide variety of choices from 55+ communities for those retirees who are relocating to the area to perfect locations for families with children in school. Ask our professional home builder team to assist you with this important decision on where to build your custom home.

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custom homeLike many Americans, you might be planning to live in a new house this year. But unlike some of them, you may not be browsing through real estate listing sites, searching for that brand new address. You may be among those who want to build a new custom home.

Building a home is one of the lifelong dreams of many people. You may have planned everything from the color of the walls down to the landscaping. Or maybe you are just beginning your journey of building your own custom home, and you are not sure where and how to begin.

Building Your Dream Custom Home


Location is crucial when it comes to building a house and when buying a home as well. Some custom home builders can handle a few of the trickier options of land selection. Their professional expertise can assist you in making sure that the land of your new residence will be constructed on a place that can handle the kind of features that you would like your new house. They will perform extensive research on the zoning laws as well as the building codes.

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Top 10 Reasons To Build A Custom Home

custom homeWhat’s the common reason why people want to build a custom home? They get everything they want in a house. If you’re still trying to decide whether you should build a custom home or go for a production home, here are some reasons why you should consider the former.

Why Build A Custom Home?

Future Proof Home

Even though future proofing can mean different things to different people, this topic will focus more on family planning. One of the many reasons why people have to uproot, put up their home in the market, and purchase a new house is to allow for their growing family.

A custom home Myrtle Beach will provide you the opportunity to create a living space that will fit your needs. It also factors in all the unforeseen circumstances that a future may bring.

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custom homeNothing is more satisfying than having a new home that you have helped design. However, looking down at a blank floor map could lead to a lot of questions, problems, and even regrets. Given that, we have listed the top mistakes people make when building their custom homes Myrtle Beach from scratch so you can avoid them and have a home built according to your vision.

Expecting Your Custom Home Builder To Give You All Of The Ideas

Custom home builders will follow your lead and not the other way around. Therefore, if you are uncertain how you want your house to look like, they might drive you toward the typical tried and true stuff, may it be a standard masters bedroom or a formal dining room. This makes a custom home feel generic, which is one of the biggest pitfalls that you have to avoid. What people love about custom homes Myrtle Beach is that they can be customized. So, if you plan to build one, be sure to have some sort of inspiration even if it comes with some unusual home features. What matters is it is what you want to have in your house. Look for photos of houses in magazines that will make you swoon then show these photos to your custom home builder to provide them a good idea of what your desires and needs are.

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Common Regrets When Building A Custom Home

custom homeBuilding a custom home has a lot of advantages. You can choose to have a soaking tub or walk-in shower. With a custom home, you can pick what features you want to be included. Furthermore, you’ll be the first person to use everything. However, there are also some challenges that come with it. Listed below are the things that homeowners should know before you build a custom home.

Custom Home Building: Challenges You Might Face

  1. Decision Fatigue

You will be making a lot of decisions while building your custom home. You need to plan everything up to the last detail like the color of the grout. Even if you’re not customizing that much and even if you already know what you want before the construction started, you’ll still make a lot of decisions along the way. Understanding the risk for decision fatigue, custom home builders can try to make the process easier.

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Tips For Designing Beautiful Spaces When Building A Custom Home

custom homeIf you’re like many people who want to build a custom home or if you’re one of those who failed to achieve their preferred design on their previous house, the idea of designing another one brings more than just a little fear.

A design may look good over the internet but you’ll find countless posts that are showcasing failures, which provides proof that seeing and doing things are completely different.

When designing your custom home, custom home builders that you suggest that you follow a certain order so you’ll make choices that are based on foundational choices that leads to the ultimate design.

These three main points are important to having a successful design, provided that it is approached in the appropriate order. It can push you toward the final product that you want. All design choices should be a balance between desirable, practical, and affordable. What you need to do is to find the best mix, which is in some cases easier said than done.

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Custom Home Building Tips

custom homeNow is the perfect time to bring your dream custom home into reality. Building a house can be daunting but it can also be an extremely exciting experience. However, the process comes with several challenges. But they can be addressed by careful planning. So, you have decided to build your dream home, here are a few things you need to remember.

Choose the Right Custom Home Builder

Choose the best isn’t enough. You need to select the right custom home builder for your needs. A home builder may be the best in constructing regular custom homes or they could be known for their impeccable work in constructing sustainable and green houses. In some instances, you can also find a local custom home builder that can offer you both. That’s the reason why you should search for the appropriate custom home builder who can assist you in achieving a sustainable house. Searching for custom home builders that specializes in green houses isn’t difficult, you just need to search for them in the right places. Still, you need to make sure that your custom home builder is reliable and trustworthy before you sign any document.

In case you have a lot of custom home builders vying for your home project, do not choose the lowest bidder right away. You need to take into account that in some cases, home builders will try to lower their price just to win a bid. In the end, you may regret your choice and your dream custom home would suffer because of the low quality materials used and the subpar workmanship. Aside from that, be careful of home builders who offer a lower bid but charge you later with a lot of additional fees.

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How Long Will It Take To Build A Custom Home?

custom homeOne of the most common question asked by those who are thinking of building a custom home is how long it will take to complete the construction project. Just like other questions related to this field, the answer is “that depends.”

There are several factors that need to be considered when creating a timeline for building a custom home and every project is unique. Although there’s no one size fits all answer to this particular question, here are some basic guidelines and variables that affect the duration of the home build project. You’ll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls and make sure that your project remains on track.

What is the estimated duration of building a custom home?

A custom home build can be completed between eight months to two years. A semi-custom home can be completed within 6 months. The complexity and size of the home design will affect the duration. Although a good custom home builder can get a bigger workforce so that the larger project can move forward at a better pace, more time is required to complete grand designs and custom homes with complicated details. You have to know that spending enough time upfront to make sure that things are done right the first time around is always best as it saves you money and time in the long run. It is never a good option to cut corners just to boost the speed of the building process.

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custom homeBuild a house! This is one of the most common advice given in the history of humans. Adults quickly recommend this option. As a matter of fact, it is the most common advice uttered by several mature people. However, several youngsters don’t think the same. Building a new custom home isn’t a priority for them. They would just like to hang out with friends and have fun all the time. They would like to purchase the latest gadgets to look cool. There’s nothing wrong with flowing with the times and enjoying the advantages that technology has to offer. But never forget to plan to build a home. And when the time comes be sure to hire the right custom home builder.

Why Build A Home?

A House Helps You Save Money

A lot of people find it difficult to save money. They just spend their cash as it comes. However, when you decide to finally have a home you can call your own with the help of a custom home builder, you will be able to save. A house is a large investment in terms of the capital needed to get started and to accomplish the project. But you will realize the savings you will enjoy down the road.

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A Step-by-Step Guide To Building A Custom Home

custom homePurchasing a production home is simple. The steps are easy and require little effort on your part. Look for a new community and home builder that you like. Choose a home model, sign a contract, and sit back and relax while the house is being built. Once done, you can move in. But building a custom home is different. You’ll be much more involved. It’s going to be a major project and that means you’ll have to spend more time, effort, and money.

Completing a true custom home needs advanced planning as well as active involvement on your part. It is comprised of a few major actions or steps that need your participation as well as decision – from choosing the location to designing and building the custom home. Only one of these things are needed when you are purchasing a production home.

Nothing is preselected, preplanned, or predesigned. Because of this, taking your dream custom home from an idea to its completion will need more time.

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