Pros and Cons of Being your Own General Contractor

general contractorDo-it-yourself is an excellent way to take on many home improvement projects. Today, thanks to the availability of building materials and information that is friendly to DIYers, homeowners can take on heavy and complex projects previously reserved for a specialist and general contractor, such as floor installation, wall removal, and window replacement. You can save money by doing your own remodeling. It is also a rewarding experience to see the results of all your hard work.

What is the extent of the “do-it-yourself” approach to larger-scale projects like being your own general contractor? It’s not just about using a saw or hammer, but also managing people. This can be a difficult and complex home improvement task.

An architect’s services can be very helpful. They have a lot of experience with the building department. They may have preferred subcontractors and suppliers. They can help you decide if a project will be too complex for you.

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Why Choose A Custom Home Builder Over A General Contractor

custom home buildersNow is the time to move forward and build your custom home. The only problem is who are you going to hire to build your home. You have to  decide if you will build it yourself or hire a general contractor to do the job. Or will you look for a custom home builder?

The vast majority of custom-built homes were not built by homeowners, but rather with the help of a general contractor or custom builder. Which one should you choose?

General Contractor vs. Custom Home Builder

Before you make your final decision, it is important to understand the role of a general contractor and custom home builders in building your home. You can then make an informed decision and start drafting your house plans and project logistics.

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New Home Construction: Custom Home Builder Vs. General Contractor

custom home builderPeople mistakenly believe that terms such as “custom home builder” and “general contractor”, are interchangeable. These professions often overlap and general contractors can work together to build a client’s dream home. It’s clear that quality new home construction is the result of close collaboration, no matter which party initiated the project.

New Home Construction: Custom home builder VS. General Contractor

A general contractor is someone who oversees the work of subcontractors. However, a custom home builder is skilled in custom building and can complete this type of project from start to finish.

To streamline the process, a home builder will often have a team of people on-site. Custom home builders are not like general contractors. They only subcontract jobs that require special licenses such as electricians and plumbers.

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How to choose the home builder that is right for you?

custom home builderWhat do Professional Custom Home Builders do?

  • Fully Customized Home Builders.
  • You won’t often build the exact same house plan twice
  • Are often working with the owner’s plans or specifications, or those given to them by the architect
  • Are almost always on customer-owned land
  • You tend to prefer smaller outfits and higher-end items.
  • These contracts are usually written cost plus a percentage or contractor fees.

Why Do Custom Home Builder use Cost-Plus Pricing

1. Budget – Because their work is so specific and varied, they don’t always know how to budget.

2. Project-Based – Because their projects are unique, they often base their estimates on labor and material bids from vendors and subcontractors.

3. Customer Financing – Customers often provide financing.

4. Sales by Owner – They may not have a separate sales team from the owner/operator or a model homeowner.

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How can you stay within your budget while building your custom home?

custom home buildersYou don’t need to spend a lot of money to build a custom home. You can actually build the home you want with some cost-effective planning, a budget that is well-defined, and an economical approach. All this while still saving money on each phase. These tips will help you save money while building the perfect home for your family with the help of custom home builders.

The Design Phase: Saving Money

These tips are for someone who is already quite far along their path to homebuilding. Someone who has chosen their lot and set a budget, and narrowed down what type of house they want. Even if you’re not yet at this stage you can still benefit from some useful tips.

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How do you choose land for your custom home?

new home constructionDo you dream of building your new home construction? You’ll first need to locate a location to build it.

You should visualize the location where your dream home will be situated before you begin to fantasize about the furnishings and features you want. Before you can begin building your home, you will need somewhere to put it.

How do you find the right lot for your dream home? Here are some helpful tips for buying property to build your dream custom home.

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How many bedrooms and bathrooms should you add to your custom home?

new home constructionWhen deciding to purchase or build a home, the first thing most people consider is how many bedrooms it should have. This is not an easy decision. The addition of bathrooms can add another layer of confusion. These are the most important factors that can have an impact on the way a family lives and uses their home. It’s crucial to find what works best for you. These are some things you should keep in mind when you start to create your requirements for your new home construction.

New Home Construction: Plan for the Future

Do you want a home that will work for you now? And do you think it will be the best in five, ten or twenty years? Do you want something that you can grow into? It is important to consider how long you plan to stay in custom built homes, and what you will do with it.

It is easy for a family to decide whether each child will have their own room or share one, then they can count them up. Finding rooms that are the right size is difficult. Houses with similar square footage can be divided in many ways. You can have smaller or larger bedrooms so that you can cater to different needs or make it a shared space. Which room is best depends on the personalities of the children involved.

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Where should you add electrical outlets in your custom home?

new home constructionElectrical outlet locations can seem small and insignificant when compared to all the other decisions needed for your new home construction. The detail will become more important when you move into your new home and find that the location of your outlets does not match your furniture plan or there isn’t enough.

Planning your electrical outlets locations should be a top priority during the construction phase. This guide will help you to make sure your home is wired properly when you move in.

New Home Construction Tips


It is best to look at the space that will become bedrooms. Consider where you will place your beds, dressers, or other furniture. You can use outlet locations to accommodate your needs by considering how you live in these rooms.

You might need an outlet to charge your phone, read a book, or for alarm clocks. Do you have a TV or computer in your bedroom? If so, will you need additional outlets? A dimmer switch can be used to control the lighting. Plan accordingly by taking into account all your requirements and furniture placement preferences. Talk to a general contractor for help.

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Which windows should you include in your custom built home?

new construction homeIt is easy to get overwhelmed with your new home construction.

Energy Efficiency 

Windows can be an investment not only in the design and appearance of your new home but also in heating and cooling efficiency. Here are some of the key factors to consider when assessing windows’ energy efficiency. The Energy Star rating is another great resource.

U-Value is a measure of the insulation value of windows of custom built homes Myrtle Beach SC. The higher the value, the better the window’s energy efficiency at keeping out heat or cold.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:

SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is the heat that is absorbed through the glass of a window. In southern climates that rely on air conditioning, a low SHGC is important to ensure the home doesn’t get too warm from the sun’s rays. The SHGC rating is significantly lower when low-E microscopic coating is used, as you can read about it below.

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What is the difference between the builder and a general contractor?

new home constructionAfter you have considered the advantages of a new home construction for you and your family, you may be wondering if you should hire a general contractor to do the job or a builder. You might not have known there was a difference. That’s perfectly understandable. It can sometimes be difficult to see the distinctions between contractors and homeowners. Here’s how to make it clearer.

New Home Construction: What is a general contractor?

A General Contractor is a person who manages independent trades. To complete the job, they hire various specialists at varying stages. They then bill for each sub-contracted job and then make their profits.

A GC may not have a full-time staff. Once a group of trade contractors has been assembled, the GC will be responsible for managing and scheduling them. The GC will not be present on-site every day. Instead, he or she will hire a supervisor to oversee all aspects of the workday.

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