custom home builderThe key benefit of new custom built homes is that you can select the features and finishes before your home is constructed, choosing your favorite hues, materials, and styles in various crucial product categories.

What kinds of choices do custom built home buyers concentrate on most? According to the National Association of Home Builders’ 2013 survey, there are two crucial areas to custom homebuyers today and these are storage and energy efficiency. The survey added that 91% of the survey respondents said they want appliances that are Energy Star rated while 91% want their whole house to have an Energy Star rating so they could save on utility bills and help protect the environment as well.

Although a buyer of an existing house has the option to change the existing appliances with new ones that are more energy efficient, it’s costly and difficult to get an Energy Star rated house as a whole. On the other hand, new custom built homes are built and designed to save energy by incorporating energy efficient HVAC systems, windows, walls, roofs, and has more insulation.

New custom built homes offer improved air filtration systems that boost the air quality indoors and several custom home builders use building materials with low VOC or volatile organic compounds, which produces fewer fumes that could harm your loved ones, pets, and even the environment.

Some of the essential reasons why you need to purchase a custom built home are energy efficiency, open floor plans, personalized design, and indoor air quality.

Which Custom Home Builder Is Right For You?

There are two types of Myrtle Beach builders – production builders and custom home builders.

A production builder constructs multiple houses at the same time, according to a collection of floor plans. The homebuyers customize their houses by choosing favorite selections from different options provided by the builder.

Custom home builders Myrtle Beach may also provide a list of floor plans but could also build a personalized house according to a unique design created by a hired architect, in collaboration with the homebuyer.

Custom home builders construct fewer houses every year compared to production builders and many of them construct individual houses for sale on different lots across the local area, land which the homebuyer or the builder can acquire. A lot of production builders construct bigger and master planned new communities. However, there are certain exceptions. For instance, buyers of production homes will have to select from a list of builders and follow a set of standards in terms of the home’s exterior design that were set by the community.

Production home builders have the benefit of getting access to building materials in bigger volumes and having full time staff they could count on to retain a steady building pace. Bigger production builders tend to build several houses within a master planned community, and that means they could also cut back on the land costs, because they purchase the land in bulk, too.

Some firms provide a hybrid business model with both production and custom builders.

Design and Location

If you’re thinking of working with a custom home builder from Dawol Homes or production builder for new house, you have to consider two crucial factors. The first one is how involved you want to be when designing your home. The second one is when you would like to live.

Production home builders differ in their customization level, so you have to look for builders in your place so you’ll know which ones will let you change everything including moving the walls around and the ones that you would like to do with the lights, counters, appliances, and floors.

Infill Lot Or A Master Planned Area

Another important factor when deciding whether to go with a production builder or a custom home builder is the location of your house. You can choose between master planned community and infill development.

How To Choose A Custom Home Builder?

  • Ask to see their finished products in person.
  • Ask for a complete list of features and materials that will be used in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Interview the custom home builder to determine which one you’re comfortable to work with over the next 12 months.


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