custom homeCreating a personal space is one of the primary reasons behind building a custom home and that’s why it should depend much on trends. But for the purpose of education, here are the trends in custom home construction and remodeling.

Custom Home Building and Renovation Trends in 2021

Natural Selections

Gray, white, as well as wash-wood finishes are returning to the forefront. Consider fumed woods that have a matte finish or sealed only flooring. You should also think about limed or bleached wood finishes. If you are going for a more exotic look then you should count in engineered products.

More Open Spaces, Clean Lines

Custom home Myrtle Beach professionals say that new home building is going more modern. This does not mean that homeowners are going for glass houses. Generally speaking, houses will focus on cleaner lines and open spaces. If you want to have a traditional exterior, you might want to consider open concepts inside your home. You will have a more usable space if you have an open floor plan. Efficiency is important. Homeowners like you need to understand that you must be able to use 100% of your home space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

Even if you are a risk averse person, you will have some fun when you’re building a custom home. It’s fine if you’re not into adding wall paper to the ceiling. But you should consider the metal and glass trends and use both for the stairs. A floating staircase is another excellent idea. If it’s too modern for your taste, you can go for patterned woods, steel and iron combination, or an intricate wood design.

Try a bold and daring paint, wall paper, or tile on the powder bath. There’s nothing more exciting than entering an appealing powder bath with an unexpected yet beautiful design.

Formal Reformed

A lot of people have noticed the eradication of formal dining and living rooms from new homes. But that’s not exactly true. They still exist but they just have different functions nowadays, according to custom home builders. The formal living room before is now an away room or a parlor room. Homeowners nowadays prefer a multifunctional room, from a bar area to a library. The space may even open to a party room or a patio. The point here is that it still exists in the floor plan. The only difference from before is that you can use it for something else.

A dining room today is now more casual and more open. They can be used for casual parties and can even be turned into a mini library by adding a shelf that’s filled with your favorite books.

Kitchen Conversation

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Kitchens are important but they’re also expensive. You need to consider the ventilation and creating spaces for things that have an odd shape. Granite and stainless steel has become common among high end kitchens but you need to expand your horizon. Why don’t you consider other options such as an engineered stone countertop? For cabinets, you should consider wood that comes with a lighter or more natural color.


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