custom homeWhether you are building a modern and lavish custom home or a simple starter house, building one could be overwhelming and has many unknowns. These hold true for those who don’t know where to start or when they experience a problem during the planning phase. Depending on the weather conditions, square footage, as well as the availability of supplies and workers, new home construction could take anywhere between three months to one year.

To have a better understanding of the steps involved in building a house, there are things you need to learn about a construction timeline, FAQs, as well as home automation suggestions. From finding the lot to moving in to your dream home, here are a few important points about the major phases you will encounter while building a house.

Important Considerations When Building A New Custom Home

Building a house is a great deal and every once in a while, important questions or notes could get lost along the way. To assist you, here is list of the things you have to consider when evaluating your new home construction time line.

First Steps: Assessing What Matters Most

  • Know if you want to start with a lot or a design.
  • Check your credit score before applying
  • Establish a criteria for a real estate agent, architect, custom home builder Myrtle Beach, and contractors.
  • Research and vet the teams you plan to hire
  • Get multiple quotes
  • Check the neighbourhood that you want to build in.
  • Ask your custom home builder if the lot will need extra expenses like internet, septic, and electricity installation.

Documentation Recommendations

  • Create a consistent and easy to document method of communication with your architect, builder, contractor to make sure that they keep ownership of changes, responsibilities, and roles.

Communication Styles and Important Consideration

  • Constructing a new house could be a difficult experience. And when you are constructing a home with a special someone, be sure that both of you are on the same page when it comes to decision making.
  • You need to know when you are available. Perhaps you have a flexible schedule or not, so you need to tell your custom home builder, agent, or contractor when you are available so you can discuss the build.
  • In case unforeseen problems come up and need your immediate attention, appoint someone who can take the calls
  • Do you like the style of communication of the builder, architect, and the contractors? You need to feel comfortable in sharing your opinion, after all this is your house. If you don’t feel comfortable then you should consider finding a new team.
  • All those who are involved in the project must be accountable for all changes, promises, and actions.

Setting Expectations

  • In a world that’s perfect, your home will be constructed in a timely manner and no problems will happen. But in reality, the building process will encounter some mishaps and complications, which could be incredibly frustrating. If you begin, always remember the factors that could affect the build. For instance, when is the foundation scheduled to be poured and is the ground frozen solid? Or are you starting to build in the middle of the rainy season?
  • The project specifics will be greatly affected by zoning laws and local building permits. It will also be affected by how a contractor could make your dream home come true.
  • After you have considered everything, you need to know if you have set a reasonable completion date.

Roles and Responsibilities

Problems will happen and when it does, you can deal with them better if you understand who needs to do what and why.

Homeowners: communicators, decision makers, visionaries

It is your responsibility to know what you could afford and to explain the specific aspects of your home that you really care about and the ones that are less important to you.

Real Estate Agents:  Closers and Land Wrangles

Real estate agents help in buying the parcel of the land and the closing of the home.

Construction Managers, Custom Home Builders, and Contractors: The Dream Team

Lenders: Money Movers

This role is quite straightforward. Lenders make sure that you have the money to buy a lot and construct a house.

Designers and architects: creators and artists

This is a role that’s multi-disciplinary role that doesn’t just design a home based on the requests of the clients but also makes sure that the structure and space follow the local building codes. The designer or architect will also coordinate and supervise the new home construction and subcontractors.

Engineers: the logistics guru

Engineers are involved throughout the entire process of the whole build, specifically when it comes to electricity, plumbing, and safety. The will assess the limitations and make sure that the system and structure are practical, cost effective, and up to code.

Specialty Contractors: Tradesmen

These are contractors who are skilled in specific types of trades like electricians, HVAC technicians, roofers, painters, and etc. They will be taking care of the specific job that you have hired them for.

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